DAY 8: How do we Create/Manifest ‘Who we Are’?

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DAY 8: How do we Create/Manifest ‘Who we Are’?

Who I Am as Money – continued

In this post we’re moving into the dimensions of the nature of the relationships of positivity/neutrality/negativity within ourselves as the Mind and without as the World-System within the relationship between Energy and Money and the consequences this has manifested within ourselves and our relationships to/towards existence as what the Nature of the relationships within existence has become, due to the accepted and allowed nature of the relationship within ourselves.
Especially within this, seeing/realising/understanding how – what we accept and allow within ourselves, we will accept and allow within others as ourselves. Because we as individuals have not changed, we will not assist/support and stand-up for change within/as others as ourselves or our creation as ourselves. In this, our existence has become one where – we have continued within repetitions and definitions of acceptances and allowances, as the ‘silent contracts’ we’ve lived unspoken towards each other within this existence within the nature of “I will accept/allow you as you are, if you accept and allow me as I am”. This has become the accepted and allowed justification/validation/excuse for each to have a ‘my Life’ (as we have walked within the previous Post…) to leave each to their own vices of survival as a Mind/Consciousness of Energy to accept and allow self as all to continue within their existent separation of relationships defined and valued within positivity/neutrality/negativity. In this, we’ve each individually become responsible for the creation and manifestation of our Mind, and the creation and manifestation of the World-System that that has become defined within relationships of positivity/neutrality/negativity. The consequence of this was the emergence of competition – where each compete/fight for their survival/energy to continue existing as a ‘my Life’. The outflow consequences of this, has been where substance/reality as the Physical has suffered at the behest of the Illusion as Energy/Mind in multi-faceted ways – which will be seen as we continue walking within this Blog.
Instead of us all seeing/realising/understanding the simplicity of/as the Solution: for each to let go of/give up their separate ‘my Life’ as Mind/Consciousness as Illusion – to stand/merge with the Physical as Reality, to stand within a starting-point where Life is valued/defined within the principle of equality and oneness as what is/will be best for all. In this, self does not exist as a separate ‘my Life’ – but stand and live within considering/regarding/honouring all as self, where all selves as individuals’ lives are gifted the opportunity to live/experience/express on this Earth as equals and as one. Yes, we will still exist as individuals – but within our thoughts, words and deeds – we will live/express always in all ways – in considering/regarding/honouring everything/everyone as self. No more competing/fighting/surviving for Energy – because all will have life/the opportunity of/as life within/as this physical existence.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how my Mind of thoughts, feelings, emotions, personalities, constructs, systems, fantasies, imagination, images, pictures, ideas, perceptions, beliefs, interpretations etc. – is/has been the illusion I have created of/as me, as each part/manifestation of/as my Mind, is in fact a part/manifestation of my beingness that I have accepted and allowed to manifest into a separate part/manifestation. This I have done as I have continued to throughout my existence define myself in relation to others as me, and every moment I had an friction as experience to/towards a part/manifestation of/as me in existence – that moment of friction as experience, took a part of my beingness and channelled/manifested that part of my beingness into an experience as an energy thread. From where I took that energy-thread and defined it within/as a category of positivity/neutrality/negativity. And from within such categories furthermore programmed that energy experience / thread as part of beingness into and as a value/definition and accepted it as my ‘personal/individual experience of me in relation to another part of/as me’.
In this – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I have fragmented my beingness as manifested substance of/as equality and oneness, into and as separate parts/manifestations into/as relationships to/towards others as me, where I had become a being/individual of Energy that cannot exist without defining/relating myself to/towards others as me. Because as I continue defining/relating myself to/towards others as me as creating my relationship-lines to/towards them of energy experiences within positivity/neutrality/negativity – I interconnect myself into and as my external relationship networks, that become my unified field as ‘personal world’ from where I constantly/continuously generate/recharge my Energy-existence as a Mind. Instead of me standing within/as my manifested substance as beingness of/as equality and oneness, where who I am - is manifested equality and oneness. Where in this – no ‘relationship lines’ / ‘interconnections’ are needed/required to be deliberately created to ‘connect’ me in separation to/towards others as me, to in that connection define me in accordance to/towards a part of me, for me to in that connection/relationship generate energy for my continued existence. Because who I am is all as me, here – manifested in/as equality and oneness. Within equality and oneness – no relationships/connections in separation from self exist, because who self is – is all, in fact – Here.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accept and allow myself to see/realise/understand the principle of ‘who/what I am – I live and so create/manifest’, in seeing/realising/understanding how I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself in relation to others. Where I have come to believe/perceive that ‘who I am’ cannot exist/continue existing without defining myself in accordance to others, when the actual fact is that – ‘who I am’ as Energy as the Mind-manifest cannot continue existing without the relationship-lines of positivity/neutrality/negativity to/towards others as I have accepted and allowed myself to as Energy as me, define myself as experiences to/towards others as me. Where I am / have become dependent on those/such relationships of positivity/neutrality/negativity to/towards others as me to continue generating/charging energy for me through the constant/continuous “experiences” I have, where the Mind Consciousness System has become the automated manifestation that regulate/control all my relationships to/towards all as me within/as the natures of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity so that I am in constant motion as “experience” and “living” of/as ‘my Life’ as my Mind.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define my relationship-line/connection to/towards Money within/as the relationship experiences of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity – as I have accepted and allowed myself to define ‘who I am’ in separation of that part/manifestation of/as Money as me. And in that accepted and allowed separation – manifested a connection/relationship-line to/towards Money as me within the nature of positivity/neutrality/negativity. And so, I generate/charge my Illusion as my Mind as manifested Energy with/as my relationship-connection/line to/towards that part/manifestation of/as me as Money and in that continued acceptance and allowance of that relationship of me to/towards Money – I continue experiencing me, generating/charging energy for me as I continue experiencing my relationship with/to/towards Money within/as the experiences of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity. And, so – even Money/my relationship with Money became a part/manifestation of me that I use/abuse to generate/charge energy within me as I continue experiencing myself within/as positivity/neutrality/negativity with/as Money.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – my relationships with others as me, has not ever been within the nature of really standing equal-to and one with another as me, as getting to know who they are as me. But I deliberately only created/manifested relationship within me to/towards others as me, for me generate experiences of/as energy within me of positivity/neutrality/negativity. So that as I continue interacting with others as me, I continue experiencing my positivity/neutrality/negativity and so generating/charging ‘my Life’ as ‘my living’ as my Mind Consciousness System. Equal-to and one-with my relationship to/towards Money – where I had in this relationship, created the nature of my experiences with/as/towards Money as positivity/neutrality/negativity and not in fact stood equal-to and one-with Money as me – but deliberately continued, accepted and allowed my relationship towards money within/as experiences of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity for me to generate/charge my manifested Illusion of/as Energy as my Mind Consciousness System for me to ‘live’ as continue existing as and experiencing Energy within the manifestation of ‘my Life’ only.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deliberately create relationships and manifest those relationships within/as the categories of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity for me to generate experiences for/as myself that manifested into/as Energy for/as me as what I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become as the Mind Consciousness System manifest – and in this, not in fact had an actual equal and one hereness with any part of/as me within/as existence, but in fact abused all as me for only me to generate/have/get energy for me to continue existing within my belief of ‘living’ as continuing experiencing energies of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity.
In this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to – in my relationship with/as the part/manifestation of/as Money as me, that I have established within the categories of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity for me to generate experience for/as myself that manifested into/as Energy – not in fact had an equal and one hereness/standing with/as Money as me. And so used/abused Money for me to only generate/charge ‘my Life’ and ‘my living’ within/as my Mind and my ‘personal world’ on this Earth.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand the manifested-consequences of this, where I take, and take and take Energy/Money for only me, to continue generating the ‘my Life’ of/as Energy/Survival within/as myself/my world as I continue perpetuating the experiencing of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity to/towards Money/Others as me. And because I have become so separated within/as my relationships with myself within/as my starting-point of/as Energy within and so with Money without – I have not seen/realised the consequences this has manifested to/towards substance/reality as me, within myself and this physical existence as me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manifest myself into and as separation to such an extent – that I have become possessed within/as my own creation of/as me as the manifested illusion of/as the Mind. The Mind that has become automated in generating experiences of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity to/towards all as me, to constantly/continuously take and take and take, and charge and charge and charge my manifested illusion as the Mind Consciousness System. The consequence of the acceptance and allowance of me as manifested separation as Illusion – is that all I see/experience/am is Energy and me as this manifested energy. That I manifest myself into/as the illusion that all that exist is ‘me’ and I do not consider/regard anything/anyone else as me in actual living equality and oneness. Because everything/everyone else has become my resource that I deliberately use/abuse within/as my relationship-line/connections to generate experiences of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity for me as my Illusion to continue existing/surviving. And so I have throughout my existence – just took, and took and took to charge and charge and charge me as energy – not realising/seeing/understanding in/as this Illusion as me as Energy, what I have actually been doing as using/abusing the actual substance of/as equality and oneness, that is/has become this physical existence.

Where, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – I will take and take and take money, to charge and charge and charge my Mind/ the ‘my life/living’ only with my positive/neutral/negative experiences I have in my relationship to/towards Money, and to continue charging as creating only ‘my life’ and motion ‘my living’ as my survival within this world/on this earth – not seeing/realising/understanding how this taking, taking and taking of Money only for me/my survival within myself and ‘my world’ – manifests consequences in the lives of all of humanity, the earth, nature, the animal-kingdom and this entire physical existence. Because with the nature of how the Mind Consciousness System of Energy generate energy for itself to exist – it feeds off-of/extracts from/of substance as me of/as equality and oneness. Where I in my friction as separation from/of all parts of me – in that moment of friction, the Mind takes a part of my substance and channels it into itself, from that friction creating it into an experience and manifesting it into energy. Where, the more and more I do this – the more and more there is taken from my substance to give my Illusion Energy. In this – substance diminishes for my Illusion to manifest. Equal-to and one with the World-System of Money – where for Money to continue existing, for human beings to continue taking, taking and taking Money – this physical existence starts diminishing as the Money-Systems manifest friction on this earth/in this world to generate money from. Where for money to be created, this physical existence becomes used/abused – and what suffers within this process, as individuals/world-systems of money continue taking and taking and taking money, and generating and generating and generating money – animals, humans, nature and this earth diminishes within contexts of pain/suffering/abuse/killing/murder/starvation for the world-system of money to continue functioning/existing as surviving.

To be continued…

I commit myself to assist and support myself through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application – release myself from my accepted and allowed energy-relationships that I have accepted and allowed myself to create within the categories of/as positivity/neutrality/negativity. In this process – I release myself from my manifested Illusion as the Mind Consciousness System to see/face/expose the Reality as the consequences I have accepted and allowed myself to create/manifest within/during my possession of/as Illusion as Energy.

I commit myself to – as I walk my process out of the Illusion of Energy, into the Reality of this Physical-Existence, stand as a living example in sharing my process – for others as me to see/realise/understand as I have and do, so that we can stand together and come together in seeing/realising/understanding the consequences our manifested illusion as Mind Consciousness Systems have created/manifested within/as this physical existence as we’ve been separated into/as the manifested illusion of/as a ‘my Life’ and for all to stand together and come together to manifest this physical existence into and as THE LIFE, where all live/stand together and experience life on this earth as equals and as one

I commit myself to – through writing and self-forgiveness establish self-honesty with/as me – as I see/realise/understand that self-honesty is the key to see beyond/through the Illusion as me as Energy, to face/expose the reality of/as my consequence I created/manifested as me within/as this existence as me. In this, I see/realise/understand that being self-honest takes courage – to in moments of writing and self-forgiveness really be with me, and really look/see/investigate me as what I have become as Illusion, and finally sit with myself asking “what have I done” and answering that question for myself as I write and walk/apply self-forgiveness; to finally face/expose the consequences I’ve always known is here as my responsibility – but have for too long denied/suppressed/ignored. And I now commit myself to taking this responsibility for myself and my creation, being self-honest and giving me the courage to finally face/expose myself – so that I can in this facing/exposing, see what I have done and become and in this seeing – have the power/ability to stop/change/transform consequence as me.

I commit myself to stop deliberately using/abusing others as me within my relationships of experience as positivity/neutrality/negativity – through assisting/supporting myself within/as my writings of/as self-forgiveness and living of/as self corrective application, to redefine my living of me into/as self equality and oneness, here – realising/seeing/understanding that I do not need such relationships to define who I am – because who I am is not supposed to be a definition, but a living. And so I assist and support me to live equality and oneness, first with myself, and then walking my process of/as equality and oneness with/as others – to stand as a living example, that – relationships of experience as positivity/neutrality/negativity is manifested-separation, and that the key to the return to self to stop separation and the consequences of separation that has become Energy/Mind: is to assist/support self in the process of/as equality and oneness, to really LIVE and stop surviving.

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