The Story of a Hug (Part 2): DAY 453

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The Story of a Hug (Part 2): DAY 453

Another dimension to consider within self expression, with having a look at a hug – is spontaneity. It was really in the moment, simply on the way to horses as I usually am in the afternoons – where this moment opened up, to express a hug. And, once I gave a hug to Esteni and Maya – I was stable, on the way to horses and all was normal/ordinary again – the point didn’t linger in the mind / nor in relationship to each other, it was understood as simply to be a moment of expression – again, nothing more, nothing less.

This also being why/how it is an expression that cannot be created by the Mind – because in the Mind, as many would be able to relate to: to create a physical movement in the Mind is a process, where you first think about / imagine it, builds up the emotional/feeling motivation, while you’re hugging / with the person more mind dimensions open up, even sometimes afterwards start thinking about it / analysing it etc – this whole process that unfolds is an example with how the Mind/Consciousness interferes with a natural self expression through the Physical –where it is purely just that self expression and the physical sharing. With the mind-interference however – god, you’ve got all the before-hand equations, then the energies, then the imaginations/projections it creates, the interpretations, the judgments/opinions and can busy your mind for a while / a moment after that. Or where a hug is then just ‘neutral’ – where it’s like Robotic, just extend the arms, put it over the other, hold on tightly and let go – here, there is then no ‘self’, no expression – simply a robotic automated movement of the physical.

Therefore, with having a look at process, with walking with individuals – such as through the 7 Year Journey to Life and Desteni, and then more the Individual Process through the Desteni I Process LITE and PRO – what is emerging is an individual, a self and relationships amongst human beings that aren’t tainted with relationships/sex innuendo – but with a foundation/starting point of actual assistance and support, based within the starting point of assisting and supporting self and each other to become ‘more’, to find what of self can be built on, how can we assist and support each other to grow/expand/develop ourselves, release that of our own Minds/Consciousness that has limited who we are, how we live, the decisions/choices we make and the futures we create. I mean, yes – there are then the potentials for agreements that open up, and here again we have the Relationship/Agreement course that ensures the relationship do not go into the relationship/sex of consciousness/the mind – but that two individuals walk together as equals/one.

So, with having a look at this simple point as a Hug – many may go “but, I do THAT!, that’s how I hug!” – but my question would be: how can you – if you haven’t yet even understood what physical hereness/equality and oneness mean – which you can only in fact live, if you have walked a process in relationship to your own Mind/Consciousness, established your Self Awareness in fact, proven, through walking a real, evidenced space-time process of writing, forgiveness, commitments and corrective application? Additionally within this, have walked a process with others in the physical to be able to express such an expression of sharing/give and receive unconditionally?

See, this is what is so cool about this process – those that have walked for some time can easily assess who’s walked for real and who hasn’t – because such expression, such living/stand only naturally emerge through walking the process and cannot in any way be created within the limitations of the Mind/Consciousness…I mean, commonsense is – how can the Mind create such an expression, if the mind is based on programming, on energy and have no direct, equal and one relationship to the physical where such expression, unconditionally, in a moment exists?

I suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process – to discover what living/self expression in equality and oneness with the Physical in fact is and how limited the Mind/Consciousness of energy/emotions/feelings in fact is.

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