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Who (or What) determines/defines Life? - Part Two: DAY 358

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Who (or What) determines/defines Life? - Part Two: DAY 358

“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone. In this interview we are continuing with the statement ‘In God as Mind We Trust’ and we’re specifically continuing with the dimension of life and death.

In the previous interview posts, we had a look at the abdication of responsibility and power that we have given to money, God / gods and/or the systems through which they function/exist in the minds of men as religions, spiritualties, beliefs and movements etc. Within this, how we have placed that power, that responsibility of life and death in and as the hands of God/Money – meaning, how we have accepted and allowed that to determine life and death. Essentially, we have taken our life and death in our hands and served it to money itself or to God itself, and how we’ve done exactly the same in relationship to our minds or our consciousness: taken our life and our death in our hands, that is in fact really existent or is suppose to have been existent in our hands, and given it to money, God, and the mind.

Here, in the previous interview post, we asked you to have a look at how you have defined life – “what is life?”, and within that identifying your experience in relationship to life. The main point that was to be realized is how much of our relationship to our lives, to life itself and our experience within and as it: originate from within our minds. It is thoughts that we have about it, it is backchats or internal conversations that we have about it and the energetic experiences (emotional and feeling reactions) that gets activated in relation to the thoughts/backchats about ‘life’ that comes up in our Minds.

So, here we have to have a look at a simplified definition of the mind or consciousness, being that which you think as the thoughts that you have, for example. Let’s take life and in the context of your personal world more, where you had a look at how it is that you experience your life and you find for example, thoughts or internal conversations coming up of: “I don’t really enjoy my life, I am okay with it, but it’s not really what I would’ve wanted for myself” - Words like that, which come up in your mind as thoughts/internal conversations that are constructs/parts of the entire Mind/Consciousness System. Or in the mornings when you wake up and the thought comes up of: “Oh dear god, just help me get through this day”, those types of things are how you are communicating with and as yourself through your mind or consciousness in the form or structure of thoughts, of internal conversations. So within this, what is fascinating that you’ll see, realize and understand - and this is what we are showing within the Desteni Process, is that: one can change one’s relationship with oneself through the mind or consciousness. Meaning: here we get into the difference between how we have abdicated our responsibility and power in our relationship to life, to our mind or consciousness instead of being the decisive, directive principle of ourselves in relationship to life.

So, here we are going to have a look at the process thus to be walked to essentially take back your life, into yourself, into a starting point of a decision of you being the creator of you, your life, your living. Now within this, as I have explained in the previous interview, with one walking one’s internal process in relationship to life and one’s experiences within it, it’s not going to mean that your external world and reality is going to change. There you are working with physical reality and as we’ve said: our physical reality, our personal worlds is not really in fact so personal, because everything single human, every single part of our lives in physical reality is interconnected to the greater world system, the greater money system. Therefore, what we are saying is that in relation to your physical life, your experiences within it, you can start assisting and supporting yourself to change in relationship to it, meaning like for example, those waking up in the mornings of: “ Oh dear god, just get me through this day” or “I really don’t want to wake up, I really don’t want to see this day through, it’s just going to be the same shit, it’s just going to be the same thing, I just don’t feel like dealing with those people”, and then the fear comes in of: “I have to, there is not going to be money, I have to get my money to survive”, and then your whole life play outs in front of you and that then motivates you to get up or wake up. Now within this we are saying that: you don’t have to essentially make your physical life experience more difficult than it already is. Meaning: we tend to exist in such relationships toward our lives, where most of us for example are in this world system, this money system where we do have an income, where we have a roof over our head, where we have clothes on our backs and food to eat - and so within this, we are calling on those people that are in this world system, this money system to start getting out of that mind or consciousness definition of life, and really get into the reality of what is going on. Essentially, not accepting and allowing yourself to be a victim, powerless or helpless to your life or living conditions and your experiences within it. Meaning, for example that: when you get up in the morning or when you’re waking up, and those thoughts start coming, those internal conversations and experiences, wait for a moment instead just look at the bigger picture of it and realize that: “this is my physical life at the moment, physically I can not right now at this very moment change it, that’s reality, but what I do have the power to change is who I am in relationship to it.”

So, in relation to physical life and living conditions, we suggest investigating the Equal Money System, waking up in the mornings with realizing that: “Okay, this is my life, I have to breathe, walk through it, moment by moment, breath by breath and within that know that I am standing and standing up for a global solution that will change these/such physical life and living conditions.” It’s quite fascinating how much of our minds are busied with things that we cannot, at this very moment, change – so, this is also an important point that you’ve have to look at in terms of your physical life and living conditions in how much of your time in your mind, your consciousness is spent on reacting to what is physically here, what is physically manifested. Looking at that relationship in terms of going: But, why are we reacting to things we cannot change right now, it’s pointless, it’s useless, it’s making your life more difficult than what it needs to be. It’s like standing in front of a wall and reacting to it. That’s not going to change the wall in itself. So therefore, what we propose is the following: To really have change in our physical life and living conditions is going to take physical/real action within reality, through a real physical reality process, which is what we are walking with the Equal Money System.
Now, with the Desteni I Process for example, here we are looking at directing, dealing with, facing and changing the things that we do in every moment of breath, that we have the power and ability, to direct, to change, to transform, to stand up from.

So, within our relationship to life for example: in having a look at this relationship we can see, how one is abdicating one’s experience of ‘who you are’ in relationship to your physical world and reality, abdicating that to your mind or consciousness. Because, you’re more reactive to yourself in relationship to your life and living conditions, than getting into that realisation of, “Okay, physical life and living conditions is going to take a reality space-time process, so I let go of being reactive toward it and I commit to walk a real practical reality solution”. Therefore, our life belongs more to the REACTIONS we have about it in our Minds – than actively Living to/as a betterment of it, for ourselves and so for all that will be long-term, life-long – such as proposed by/through the Equal Money System.
Then, while/as walking the process of long-term solutions - getting to the points that you can change, that you can direct, that you can stand up from - having a look at the things that preoccupy your mind or your consciousness that is affecting your relationship with you, your body, other human beings. For example, we suggest having a walk through in writing, writing forgiveness and commitments – identifying what personality or character you have created in relation to life or living and your physical world and conditions, to let that personality or character go. Because, as long as we are focused in our Minds in a character/personality possession in relationship to that which we cannot change RIGHT NOW – we can’t then focus on/get to the things we in fact can change in every moment of breath. And thus to from there more focus in your mind, in your consciousness on things that you can direct, change and transform. Which, is like for example; reactive patterns or behaviour patterns, or relationship issues, or past experiences, or memories that are still haunting you, like skeletons in the closet. How to transform and change your relationship with yourself, your body, other human beings, to be more effective, supportive, and assisting. Dealing with the small things in your reality and world first, while you are walking the big things and the Equal Money System, I mean that’s taking your life in your own hands: That is creating and establishing you as the decisive/directive principle of ‘who I am’ within me and the practical, physical walking of my life experience within this physical reality.

Understand that, in a way, it is also difficult, because there is like this movement within you, you kind of don’t want to accept the reality of your life and living conditions, it’s like you want to react to it all the time. And what you’ll realise more is that: You are within yourself, actually hiding suppressions/denials/fears/responsibilities in your MIND within and behind your relationship to physical life and living conditions. This is what the mind does; it diverts your attention to things that you can’t change immediately, like your physical life and living conditions and then you kind of leave the things suppressed, that you actually really can do something about within yourself. So, therefore by moving yourself through the personality or character that you have created in relation to life and your life and living conditions, releasing the thought patterns and internal conversations, reactions and behaviours etc. - you can within that get to the real things that you do have the power and ability to change in/as every moment of breath. So, walking through that will essentially give you access to that power and that ability to take your life in your own hands. You can see through that life / living personality/character that you have created in your mind or consciousness, that is essentially the personality or character, through which you have abdicated your power and ability to take responsibility, directive principle for your life, your living, your ‘who you are’.
(Please Note – when we say one cannot change one’s life/living conditions NOW, the definition of life/living conditions we mean with the extent to which our lives have become dependent on MONEY and the GREATER world-system/money system. One do in the small, in one’s personal world, have the ability to change one’s life/living conditions in terms of looking for jobs/professions that will stabilize you financially and so survive in this world/reality – such relationships one can change in terms of ensuring one’s living in this world/reality. So, please to note – the definition of ‘life/living conditions’ primarily pertains to the relationship of money/survival to the greater world/money system, to change that primary relationship to money/survival – we have to change the greater world system/money system, which is what will take a ‘space and time process’.)
This process that we have walked thus far, only looking at the definition of life in relation to this physical reality, not yet getting to THE life of equality and oneness as of yet, I will continue with that in interviews to come. This is only in relation to just stabilizing yourself within you, in your physical world or physical environment. We have a tendency of creating a personality or character in our mind to things that we cannot change immediately in physical reality. Because, such points tend to be diversions for us to suppress things that we don’t really want to see or look at or come to terms with, within ourselves, like - who we are in relation to relationships, who we are in relation to our memories, reactions patterns, thoughts - things that time loop in our minds like merry-go-rounds over and over and over again, patterns that just stay the same, that dictate our nature, our who we are.
The process of taking your life, you, in your own hands - this is what we are assisting and supporting with showing in Desteni, the Desteni I Process and the Equal Money System that I would suggest investigating. In really seeing here for yourself, in how we are giving our life definition, meaning, living and experience - and abdicating it to money, to God and mind. The solution within all of this as taking back that power, ability, responsibility is represented by Equal Money and Desteni or the Desteni I Process.
So, this process will essentially assist and support the majority or those that slowly but surely start standing up and realising this point: In how we can’t expect anything to change if we don’t take that responsibility and living action to really in fact change it, within ourselves and in physical reality.

Alright, so we will go to here for this post and in the next post we will look at ‘death’ - how we have abdicated our responsibility and relationship of death to Money, God and Mind. And within this, how our definition of life and death had come to belong to separate entities - So, therefore: controlling us in these definitions of life and death, instead of us living who we are in every moment of breath and having the relationship/point of death, hovering over our heads. I mean it is another example of something that you cannot change, which is death, it is a reality inevitability and yet = we constantly and continuously occupy our minds with something we cannot change.

Alright, so some more interesting points to come.

Thank you very much

Who (or What) determines/defines Life?: DAY 357

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Who (or What) determines/defines Life?: DAY 357

“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone.

In this interview-post we are continuing with “In God as Mind we trust“. Also to specify that: existent in and as the word ‘God’ itself is many meanings, definitions, connotations and relationships that are attached to it. More specifically, that - when we reference God you can call it that ‘Thing’ that constitute a God, which is that something in which one believe that has more power, more authority than self to/towards which one had abdicated power and authority as Responsibility. Such a definition as God/Responsibility is what the human should have been in terms of our relationship and responsibility to ourselves, our physicals, each other, this physical existence. But, what we have done is abdicate all such responsibility to God / Gods / Deities / Religions / Spiritualities and Money itself. Now we’re going to have a look at how we have given that power, that responsibility of Creator, Creation and Created to our own Minds and transferred / abdicated our responsibility and our power to our minds / consciousness.

If we have a look at our relationship to Money at the moment, for example - Money is God in the Power and Responsibility we have given Money itself. This is another Dimension within this relationship as well, in that: we’ve given Money that Power that Responsibility in relation to it giving us Life, Money making our Lives better, Money making things happen in our lives where money itself, as we’ve explained – holds that Power of Life and Death. When we ourselves as human beings and especially the majority of us have not seen, realized and understood the question of: “Why do we not stand and stand up for and start creating and establishing the meaning and the living of the life that we would want for ourselves, and so for everyone else?” Within this is an important point and this is one of the primary dimensions within the Equal Money System, which is the following: If there’s one thing that would unite the majority of humanity, is that we want a better life for ourselves. But, the main thing that is not understood, is that: we’re all on this earth together. Therefore, for oneself to have that better life – Everyone should have that, because if everyone has a better life, we have a better humanity, we have a better system such as the Equal Money System. Everyone’s lives are directed and certain - Even for the children that would come into this world, would have a certain life from birth to death - meaning they’ll be taken care of, and cared for. So, this is one of the main points of one of the main problems with regards to life on earth as it is now: Everyone – The majority of humanity, are still trying to get that “Better Life for Me ONLY”. But, for most part - the majority is kind of just Eating-Off of the scraps that the world system or the money system, as the Elite, is trickling down to the majority of us. Thus, everyone is COMPETING for survival, instead of LIVING. Therefore, one has to Expand one’s relationship to understanding your already existent position in relation to money, this world system, this money system - realising that that is what has to change: The System, for yourself and so for All. We have to change from a “better Life for me ONLY” that is contributing to this current World/Money System remaining as-is, to a “better Life for ALL and so for me”.
Within this having a look at our relationship to the Mind, to Consciousness, regarding how have we given our mind / consciousness that authority, power and responsibility that we have abdicated in a similar relationship to Money and God / gods / religion / spirituality. Having a look at the dimensions of determining/controlling life and death and also having a look at the relationships/dimensions of Hoping and Trusting, for example that ‘things will work out’, that ‘things will be okay’, that ‘there is a reason for everything’ as we had walked in relation to Money and God and how this same relationship of Hope and Trust applies to the Mind/Consciousness.

Let’s have a look at the context of life and death in our relationship to the mind or consciousness: If you have a look at your life at the moment, and not now so much in terms of the physical reality perspective, but more in terms of How it is that you are within yourself experiencing your life. This is also an interesting question, because many might for example now look for a moment and go: “Experience..? My Life..?” – You know, it’s not an question that we ponder as often, because for most part we are mostly thinking about everything and everyone else, but ourselves.
So, for this interview – we suggest having a look at this question until we get to the next interview post. Really having a look at How it is that you would describe your life-experience. How do you experience your life? One can note it down for oneself: What are the thoughts that come up, what are the reactions, the imaginations, are there any fantasies (fantasies meaning, the experience of your life now is more, for example projected into the future of a life that it is that you would rather want / prefer). Thus note down all the mind/Personality dimensions: Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions, Memories, Projections and you’ll notice a fascinating thing in relation to the List that one would make of how it is that you are experience your life within yourself - How much of that essentially come from within how you ‘View your life’.

See, the question that I ask is very specific, in relation to How it is that you are EXPERIENCING your Life – with the emphasis on the word “Experience”. Now, the word “Experience“ is very much in relation to How we react to our views, perceptions, interpretations, assumptions, thoughts, memories and internal conversations in our own Minds/Consciousness. See, all of the things that one would note down in the list of How it is that you are experiencing your life – are things that produce Reactions/Experiences within you/the Mind. Some of them might be positive, others negative and others neutral. Whether Positive, Negative or Neutral – it is an Energetic Reaction, an Energetic Experience to what comes up in your mind. So my question then within this would be: “Alright, if you are experiencing your life in terms of Emotional and Feeling Reactions based on Components / Constructs / Points that comes up in your mind – then, Does a ‘My Life‘ or ‘Your Life’ really in fact exist; if all we do is REACT and energetically experience those Reactions?” But, then again, we get into the Definitions of Life and many for example, may determine life/living in relation to relationships, money, social networks, your job / work. You can even take the point of ‘how it is that you are EXPERIENCING life in your Mind’ one step further in terms of having a look at your definition of life at the moment? Within that you'll see how limited it really is for many, for example be it relationships, religion or spirituality, beliefs, sex, money, traveling - and you'll also notice that everything that you would define life to be, as in “what constitutes my life,” also children family, friends - All of it is, for most part, directly linked into this current world system and money system; I mean what is promoted in this world system / money system / consumerism system essentially is family, friends, children, religions, spirituality beliefs, jobs, professions and many for example will say, “but yeah that’s what life is, that’s what it has always been.”
But, now from taking that definition of life, ‘what is my life’, and have a look at your experience that you're currently having within positive, negative and neutral - and you've got to self honestly look into everything as ‘all’s life’. Take it out into the greater world system and money system - What is your relationship to that? And when I say world system / money system, I mean - really having a look at its effect on life, on earth, for everything and everyone, all countries, nature and the animal kingdom and have a look at what your experiences are in terms of how life on earth is going at this very moment. Again you'll find there are experiences attached to it.
So, within this we've got what physical life is defined as - what exists in real physical reality, and then we have within ourselves our experiences of this life, but now it’s interesting - having a look at it from this perspective: would you say that you only changing your experiences / ‘feelings’ in relation to life on earth in your Mind – with doing that, would anything really, physically, practically change in any way whatsoever, for you and for the rest of this physical existence? No, it wouldn't. See this is where Desteni is taking that one step further – changing our within AND without, but extending it into and as the Entire Consciousness and this World System/Money System.

Meaning: if you have a look at, for most part, in terms of how change has been promoted in human consciousness, it had been primarily focused on self-change. But, that change had never gone that step further in terms of actually changing your physical reality, your actual physical life. How your physical life is currently functioning and existing, in other words - you can just take this entire physical existence and you for example, have humanity changed within themselves, and just for a moment imagine something so great where all of humanity decides to co-exist. But, what we then don’t change is how this world system / money system function. So, then change is going to be useless, because we didn't bring it through into actual real physical reality. Therefore, in this process if we have a look at life and death in relation to God as Mind. We have for so long in relationship to our minds just accepted and allowed our experience that we have in relation to what we've defined our life to be in physical reality and so we've never changed or realize that: listen, we can change our experience in relation to our physical life experiences and how our physical life is being lived – but, within that as well, what has to happen is: the within and the without, has to change. So, in humanity we do have, at the moment, a bit of a problem, because we have become so interconnected, so dependent on this world system, this money system - that it's not anymore about you changing yourself within and the physical life experience without, it's almost impossible in a way to change your actual physical world, your actual physical reality meaning the places you live, your environment, your relationships, your job / profession “in an INSTANT”, because Everything is physically interconnected to/as the GREATER World System/Money System. So there is no more that point of essentially, making this quantum change and then leaving everything behind, walking away and sitting alone by yourself and “Oh I am enlighten, I am realized , I am free.” Our responsibility and our dependency within this world and this reality have become really absolute, so therefore: our change cannot just only extend to our personal worlds. It now has to extend to the greater world, the greater world system, the greater money system if you want to make changes in our smaller worlds / personal worlds.

So, with Desteni we’re taking this process of change just that one step further, meaning: throughout human civilization, there has been a lot of stepping stones regarding your relationship to the mind, your relationship to the self, how to change, how to become the directive principle, the master of yourself and your life etc. – but, the thing is, that that cannot be absolute if your physical life, your personal world, is not directed, is not sorted out and is not taken responsibility for. And you cannot do that unless you sort out, direct and take responsibility for, the greater world system, the money system.
So, we have to go to the big essentially, to change the small. We have to change the world system, the money system to really change our relationship for example, to money, to profession, to survival – in relation to how we are currently physically living and surviving.

So, within this interview, in relation to life and death, within the context of God as the Mind within the statement “In god, as mind, we trust,” to have a look at that relationship to the word ‘life’ and especially in your mind, the experience towards it. And how and what you have defined life to be in your physical world and reality. So I want you to do that for this interview, because in the next interview we are going to have a look at how we have more trusted our mind, our consciousness definitions of life and our experiences within it. And how that has caused us to not really realize: “but, listen – I can make a decision to change this life and experience within it, within myself. And the without of myself - the without is going to be a little bit more space and time that it will take. But, I mean the main point that I want you to look at and consider within yourself is: everyone wants a better life. And to realize that, that better life is just going to be a bit more effort and discipline to actually materialize into physical reality. And it will be a gift; that you will not only give to yourself, but to everyone.

Okay, so - we will continue with this in the next interview. And take on and continue to take on these dimensions in relation to God as Mind, the life and death relationship and the power, the authority and the responsibility, that we have given to our minds. Also how our awareness, our individuality, our stand has been essentially separated in our within and our without and this is why nothing is changing in this existence, because the extent of change and what it would really take to change has not been understood.

Thank you very much

"In God, as Mind, we Trust" - DAY 356

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"In God, as Mind, we Trust" - DAY 356


“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone

In this Interview-post we’re having a look at the statement ‘In Mind we Trust’. We have now had a look at the relationship between Money and God, where it couldn’t have been more obvious than on Money printing the words “In God we Trust”. In relation to having a look at Actual Reality, it is most certainly more Money that is in fact God within Humanity’s Lives. Meaning - if one have Money and God next to each other, the weighing is definitely in the direction of Money, as Money in this Physical Reality is what Determines Life and Death – even within that determining/defining also your Experience/Mind Reactions to Life and Death. Furthermore, how Money and one’s Experience towards it determines your Mind / ‘Who you are’, such as your Personalities…this I have walked in the beginning of this blog in the first few days explaining the extent to which ‘Who we are’ is/has become dependent on Money and defined according to /as Money.

So, therefore if we really have a look at how God is always also depicted as the Creator, the Created and the Creation – and this is essentially what Money does as well: Money is the Creator that Creates its Creation, which is ‘Who we are’ in our Minds / Consciousness that then determines how/what we Live and how our living comes into Creation or Manifestation – everything is in Direct Relationship to Money. Now getting to the statement “In Mind we Trust”, which is a little bit more of a subtle relationship in terms of How the One statement as “In Hope we Trust” relates to our Statement “In Mind we Trust.”

So here it is actually Multidimensional in the sense that: we have a Hope Character / Personality, which means that there are already existent thought patterns / backchat patterns / reaction patterns and/or behavior patterns that have become ‘Who Self Is’ as the word Hope. In other words the Hope Character/Personality - it is that within your mind that moves you/ directs you into the condition/conditioning of Hope itself. Using for example, Money: in relationship to Money where we tend to go into that Hope and the Trust that - ‘things will work out’ and/or ‘God will Save Humanity’ and in so doing, going into a state of submission, a state of waiting. And how does this then exist within our relationship to our Minds?

Now as I’ve explained we thus already have a ‘Hope character /personality’ in relationship to Money and God, and it’s that Hope Character / personality, which is that part of ourselves/within ourselves that essentially hold us back from taking the reins/responsibility of our minds, our lives, our relationship to money.

So, it is quite interesting if you have a look at this relationship between Money or God because, what both of them are currently doing is that: the majority of humanity is not Taking Responsibility for Life on Earth. The majority of Human Beings is in relationship to Money and God in the state of Hope and Submission – and in that Submission going into a state of Powerlessness, while the Elite are the ones Controlling what? Money. Within this, it kind of comes to question why Religion really then in fact exist, because for most part what it’s Doing is causing Human Beings to Abdicate the Responsibility for/of their lives to God, while the ‘Real God’ that is controlling, determining and directing their lives, which is Money, is being given Free Reign to Create the Life and Living Conditions within this Physical Existence for All of Humanity.

How much do we really in fact consider Our Life, Our Position in terms of the ‘Greater System’? This is economically and politically - the Systems within this World System that is directly responsible for how our life and living is. There we have it as well in terms of the extent to which we are abdicating our lives’ responsibility to these governing systems, exactly as we do with money and God. What is quite fascinating is that all these Governing Systems seems to be Profiting much More than the Majority of humanity. Weren’t these systems’ purposes or reasons for existing to Govern/ to Manage/ to Direct Humanity? Well it doesn’t seem to be going that direction, more seems to be going in the direction of Hoarding All the resources and All the Money only for a few and leaving the majority in a relationship to a False or Fake God and in that relationship not taking responsibility for their lives, their relationship to Money, the Governing systems. Because all the Attention and Focus is being Shifted into an Illusionary God - while the Real God as Money of this Physical Existence is taking over everything.

This then also brings in an interesting point: when you look at the word ‘God’, you see it movies as well, you know ‘Gods’ – ‘Gods’ are entities that possesses a particular Power, a particular Responsibility. So, many for example say: “How Dare You say that Money is God?” or that “The Mind is God” - it’s interpreted as being Blasphemous. But, if you really have a look at the power that Money itself and the entire the World System/ the Money System has - it has a ‘Godhood’ to it in the relationship to Humanity and this Physical Existence as a whole with regards to the power and responsibility it possessed in our existence. So therefore, it’s like really having a look at these relationships, because one can see within these Equations how Religion and God within religion would be a distraction, would be a diversion of attention for Humans to not Realize their ability, their responsibility in relationship to their Real Life in this Real Physical World within this World System and Money system. Then there’s also the point/dimension existent of keeping the attention diverted through the promise of an apparent better ‘Afterlife,’ so then everyone lives for the ‘Afterlife’ and this particular life in this world, in this physical existence is not sorted out/ directed/ taken responsibility for.

So, before I get to the relationship of our minds to hope, let’s first have a look at how our mind is thus God as well. I mean, you can have a look at the extent to which you Trust your Mind and what comes up within it. Human beings trust their Consciousness/ their Mind to such an extent that they would even refuse to Change - despite the evidence of what your thoughts, internal conversation, imaginations do to you, how far things can be taken in your mind, how throughout a certain period of time so many thoughts, backchats and energies etc. accumulate and how that affect other human’s lives; Even despite such evidence and the consequence of it, human beings trust to such a degree that “That is Who I am/ How I am/ What I am” - it’s existent in the same statement which is in the bible as the “I Am That I Am”, like “I am that I am and that’s it”.

So within this, it is fascinating that we then also really have to look at questioning our Trust within Trust meaning that: Can we Trust our Trust? Because, if we have a look at what we’re trusting in in relation to what comes up in the mind without questioning it, without really becoming aware of what it is that we’re accepting and allowing and why we are continuing accepting and allowing the things to come up within the mind that comes up – that Really we have to look at our Nature within that, what is it saying about us? That we’re in an absolute Blind Trust to what comes up in the Mind as being who we are/ what we are/ how we are and that’s kind of it, that we would not Consider Change for Ourselves.

It’s quite fascinating that so many human beings for example say: “Humanity must change and the world must change and things must change”, but what’s not realized is that - it’s fascinating that Humans would not even consider such a change within themselves. For most part - we’ve seen it for ourselves as well in our own process, a point of Fear of Change came up, because we know the extent to which we’re kind of fucked up in the Mind, meaning in relation to the most Bizarre things that can just automatically/suddenly and unexpectedly come up. Obviously many will not publicly admit it, but - you’re now Here, while listening to this interview, alone with yourself so, you can apply a bit of Self Honesty here and really go into your mind and even observe your mind until we do the next interview tomorrow. Just see for yourself the things that can come up in there – and that within that relationship, we know actually the extent to which Change is going to be have to be walked, but a point of fear is that: the extent to which we’re going to change, we will change massively in who we are within our nature, our beingness and our living if we would give ourselves that ability to. Because we know how much needs to change within ourselves, within our minds and our living and so, we tend to kind of go into a Resistance to what comes up within us in the mind and even considering Change, because it just seems ‘too much,’ it just seems ‘so overwhelming’ like: “I’m literally going to have to change Everything of myself” - Yes, we’re going to. Many also for moments reflect and have a look in the mind and it seems like too much, it seems impossible, it seems overwhelming - but the thing I would show you is that: this is what everyone is doing in relationship to themselves – they’re saying “It’s too much/ it’s too overwhelming”. We’re doing the same within this World System/ this Money System. For how long within Human Civilization has that statement been existent as this little voice in the head that says “It’s Too Much”, that says “It’s Impossible”? Who the is that voice speaking? Is it really you? If you really investigate it first for yourself, practically, you know “Who/what that voice is that saying these things, such as “it’s Impossible/ Cannot be Done?” What is that voice protecting, what is the Interest of that voice, what will that voice Gain with you not changing, with you not placing in the Effort, the Discipline and the Labor in relation to Changing Life on Earth for Everyone?

So, I would consider investigating that little voice that comes up in your mind that says “it’s Impossible/ Don’t Do it, No you Can’t do it, You’re Not Ready, it’s too overwhelming, you’re not good enough” and you’ll find an interesting thing: this is what we’ve been walking in Desteni in terms of showing you how to walk through such voices in the head, how to Not Accept and Allow yourself to just listen, but to Investigate, to Understand where/how such things come from. For most part you may even realize that as a kid, how many kids for example have that awareness when you say: “when I grow up I want to be a doctor, because I want to help as many people as possible” and yes, that’s a bit of a smaller scale than humanity as a whole, but - somewhere in our lives that point gets lost or someone just said to you that “That’s too a big a dream” or “You’re never going to be able to help people/ too many people”. Within that, parents then actually limit the child’s insight to seeing a potential to, for example, Help a lot of people in fact. So we’re with Desteni taking one step further to taking Responsibility of Humanity as a Whole.

Alright so - we’re starting walking the process of understanding the statement “In Mind We Trust” and we now opened up the point of Trust to really have a look at how much you Trust that mind of yours and how questionable that is in terms of what kind of stuff can come up in there and go on in there. And to really consider that little voice in the head that comes up - are you really the one saying that “It’s impossible” and “It cannot be done”, when with the Equal Money System and with Desteni we’re practically Proving that it Can in Fact be done – so, the Evidence is Here that it can be done, so what is that little voice doing in your head? Within this I’ll thus in the next interview now open up more dimensions of Trust just to Really Reflect on your Relationship to the Mind and then finally into Hope; I mean How has our Mind become God, what is our relationship to Hope within it and how are we also not directing our own minds, I mean we cannot expect ourselves to be able to Take Responsibility for our lives or to direct it if we can’t even do that within our own Minds, with our own Selves.

Thank you very much.

“In Money we Trust” - Part Two: Day 355

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“In Money we Trust” - Part Two: Day 355

“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi Everyone.

In this Interview post we are continuing with having a look at the words “in God, Money, Mind / Energy We Trust.” Essentially having a look at how the trinity of God, Money and Mind interrelate - in that: our relationship to God, Money and Mind is, in fact, exactly the same within the context of trust and within that, hope as well. Which, in a way, is also quite odd - that we have a relationship of trust towards God, Money and Mind, but within that trust is actually, really, in fact – a hope. So, how can it be, really – a genuine trust if what dominates that trust is hope?

Let me explain: if we go back to the statement, “in Money we Trust,” – so, I’m going to have a walk through the statement within each context, “in Money we Trust”, “in Mind we Trust”, and “in God we Trust,” to have a look at how we are existing in these relationships, at the moment. Starting with: “in Money we Trust.” So, what we have established in the previous interview post is how we have this hope-relationship to Money, that Money in itself, in a way, ‘magically’ move or flow into our worlds or our lives and/or where we’re waiting for Money to come, to accumulate, to enter into our Lives so that we, within that, can establish a life or start a life, or experience a life. So – there’s a definitive relationship of ‘a waiting’, which would imply a Hope. And, how we have defined that ‘waiting’ and that ‘hope’ in a trust that it will come – so, is it really the money that we’re trusting or is it more in our own hope that we’re trusting? Because, if you have a look at where this relationship in fact exists – towards money, is within our Minds: We in our Minds trust, as in ‘hope’, that Money will come, that it will magically accumulate, that things will ‘just happen’.

It’s also existent in that state of mind of ‘waiting for life to happen’, ‘waiting for things to happen’, ‘good things will come to you’ type mental delusion. When, how this physical existence and human civilization had come about - was most certainly not by Human Beings sitting or standing back and saying: “well things will just come, things will just happen, things will just appear, things will just come right, things will just work out.” It’s quite interesting within that as well, where - so many of us sit back, stand back and go: “things will come right, things will work out, let things go, let the universe take care of it, it’s in God’s hands” - all such statements and sayings while, what’s taking over humanity/human civilization and life on Earth is Human Beings that are putting themselves out there and acting/behaving, putting things into motion through their mental and physical labor. For most part, what is currently being lived by human beings moving this very World System/Money System - is consequential, so it’s that polarity between the good and the bad. It’s like the good is kind of standing back or sitting back in the state of mind of, “Don’t worry, things will work out, it’ll all be okay, it’s in God’s hands, let the universe bring it to you” etc. - it’s like really in a state of delusion while the bad or the evil within this world and this reality through Human’s mental and physical labor, living and action is moving and motioning, manifesting and creating Life on Earth to be the way it is.

So, if we then have a look at the relationship to the statement “in Money we Trust” - there’s a ‘spirituality’ existent within it, with the factor of Hope. So, getting back to the initial point of that question: is it then really Money that we trust, or is it our own hope in relationship to Money that we trust? I would say that it is that we are more trusting in our own Hope, which is problematic, because - hope in itself is an energetic state within your Mind / your Consciousness. Hope is a feeling, it is an experience. Therefore, when one get into understanding the Mind / Consciousness, how Hope is generated and created, meaning – what is the essence or the substance of that energy: it is quite fascinating when you look at it interdimensionally/physically – Hope Energy – it actually originate from and within a fear. It's like, if you have a look at accessing hope for yourself, as I'm sure many have faced hope within their life - where you just hope, you place hope into and as, something; many might be able to relate to this, right now, in relation to money, for example where: there is existent in your mind just this hope that your life will work out, it'll become better, that money will come somehow, from somewhere. It's interesting because, if you were self honest and you really allow yourself to experience that hope - like, go into it, you can access a memory right now, for yourself, as well. Go back in your memories and see how have you looked at your relationship to money? Have you ever gone into that hope of things working out? And, you'll find that what is actually existent in that hope is fear. Where, if one take apart and investigate and introspect hope, we, in a sense, go into a reaction of fear, because a part of us know we're, in a sense, powerless and helpless in relation to physical reality/circumstance.

Like with money: it's like a part of us knows that, alright, at this very moment my relationship to money is consequential and the position I am in now, mentally and physically, I do not have the power to change my environment, or life and living conditions / circumstance. And, it's interesting that - we are aware of that fear, but instead of investigating that fear - instead of facing that fear - instead of coming to terms with the reality of our situation, we instead go into a polarity opposite, which is hope. Then the 'fear comes in' in relationship to money and the reality of the situation comes in but, then we go: "Oh, dear God, no, I don't want to see this fear. I don't want to see reality. I cannot face reality. It is too difficult. It's too overwhelming. I don't want to see it." And, then we go into our minds and instead go into hope, because hope makes us feel better. In that hope, we create a bubble for ourselves, in our mind, so that we don't have to face and really get into the detail of that fear - of the reality that we're in. It's like, we don't want to admit the fact that, how we are now in our relationship to physical reality - in regards to Money: We're helpless, we're powerless, we're victims.

That is essentially what then spiritualizes our relationship to money, which also links into the entire existence of spirituality in itself, because everyone in spirituality is going into a positive energy/positive experiences in the mind / consciousness, making the individual ‘feel better’. In that feeling better, Reality - the Reality of life on Earth, The Reality of our Relationship to Life on Earth / The World System / The Money System, our Positions, our life and living conditions - in our minds, fade away. It's like everything in reality looks greyish - so that we don't have to see it in HD, so to speak - in what it really, in fact, looks like.

So, within this then comes the understanding of: how it is that it's not, or it's more the hope that we have created in our minds in relationship to money that we trust - than money itself. Therefore, we're like trusting that somehow our own hope is going to materialize a change in our world and our reality. And, here again, we get to the point of abdication of responsibility, because now we can go so far as saying: "In Hope we trust". So, that would actually be more the essence within the: “In 'God'/ 'Money' and 'Mind' - We trust”. What links the three together is Hope: is the hope that God will come and save humanity, the hope that Money itself will save our life or living conditions, the hope that our minds / our consciousness will guide us within ourselves and our life. So, you're really getting to the real point - hope.

It's interesting, because if one have a look at the humans that are actively part of this world system/money system, in terms of governing and directing and controlling life on Earth - Do they work with hope? No. They do not exist in their minds in terms of a fear toward facing the reality of what life on earth has become. They're actually in reality. They're working with reality, with the reality of human nature, with the reality of human relationships, with the reality of human society / populations / country / government / systems and money. And, within that, they are using their direct relationship to reality to manipulate it for their own interests and greed, essentially, to profit from. So, what they're doing is they're profiting from reality. They're not existing in a hope for shit to just happen. They're making shit happen.

So, here we then really have to get to the question of what it is that us majority are doing? Why are we not seeing, realizing, and understanding that in relationship to money for example, we're victimizing ourselves, we're making ourselves more powerless, more helpless because we're not dealing with the reality of our life and living conditions? We're not willing to directly look into the mirror of what is really in fact going on. Instead, we kind of separate ourselves from that responsibility and so the majority - we're all on our assess, sitting, speaking the mantra of "the Universe will bring", "everything will work out", "it'll all be ok", "don't worry about it", "you don't have to do anything", "it's in God’s hands", "there's a reason for everything", "there's a meaning behind everything", "God works in mysterious ways". You know, you can probably create like an entire manual of such mantra's that are being spoken in the minds of the majority of humanity. And this then while the elite are 'getting their hands dirty' - are in reality facing it, as it is, as it exist, and profiting from it.

So, essentially what we have to have a look at is the following: we have to see, we really have to face the reality of our lives, of our relationship to money, really have to come to terms with really seeing 'what is my relationship to money now'? What is my situation? What are my life and living conditions? What do I have at hand that I can utilize to stabilize myself as effectively as possible within this lifetime on earth? You can really do a lot for yourself in getting yourself 'in there' in really becoming part of essentially surviving in this world and in this reality. But, I mean how life on earth now is, you cannot literally afford to sit back and hope things will just work out. You've gotta get off your ass and get 'in there' and sort your life out, direct your life, see what resources you have available, what’s your skills, what’s your abilities, do you need to enhance any skills or abilities to be able to get into the world system, the money system, get yourself stable financially. Within that it is still going to be difficult facing your life in relationship to money. But, as we have proposed, we have a Global Solution for that which is the 'Equal Money System', which I would suggest investigating, researching and getting to know. We're all in this current world system and money system - the majority of us are in 'Hope' and no one's waking up and realizing: 'listen, that hope in which you’re trusting that money is just going to endow you or God is just going to endow you with money or life…is not going to happen, is not going to work'. I mean we've got a whole history of human civilization in relation to how consequential life on earth has become - and there would be a direct relationship to how more and more people have been standing back and sitting back in hope, when all the while a select few is taking the reigns of money, of the world, of reality, while we're all in fear, victimization, powerlessness, and helplessness and hope.

So a ‘state of hope', essentially takes one into a relationship of submission where you’re giving money itself responsibility, god itself responsibility, or the mind itself responsibility. And where has that gotten any of us? Absolutely nowhere, but a more consequential life on earth.

Right, so we'll go to here for this interview and some points to consider within your process in relation to the statement "in money we trust" and just the factor of 'Hope' within it, and we'll in the next interview take on the next statement, which is "in mind we trust". What is that connection between the mind and money, and also bringing in the essence of that statement which is "in hope we trust" - Thank you very much.

"In Money we Trust": DAY 354

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"In Money we Trust": DAY 354

Hi everyone.

In this interview-post, we are going to have a look at a point that opened up recently and so therefore, we will in time to come continue with investigating and understanding our relationship to consequence.

So, in this particular interview, we’re going to have a look at an interesting statement - and that is: “In God we Trust.” Within this, how it is interesting that this particular statement is printed on - Money. And a point that human consciousness tend not to do, is to look at the ‘interconnected nature of things’. In other words, how it is that your mind or your consciousness essentially perceive things - for example: on a conscious-mind level, one might for example consider the words “In God We Trust”, with ‘God’ having reference to ‘God’ as in religion. And with it being printed on money: seeing money simply as a separate entity or manifestation that is in relation to the economy or money-system. However, within your mind or your consciousness, what is existent in seeing that statement of “In God we Trust” on Money, it is essentially equal to and one with saying: “In Money we Trust”.
So, we’re going to have a look at these words and how it in fact exist within our mind or our consciousness where the statement actually read in the three primary relationships that we exist within, which is: “In God/Money/Energy or Mind, we Trust.” So what does this mean?

Let’s first have a look at our relationship to money and let’s have a look at the statement in the context of: “In Money we Trust”. So – what opened up is this interesting relationship we have towards money, where: when human beings, for example venture into this world-system / money-system, there is an unconscious trust placed in relationship to money. An ‘unconscious trust’ where it is believed that: “Money will provide for me the life that I need”, “Money will secure my future in this world”, “Money will lead me towards the profession, job or work that I will be doing”, “Money will come to me”, “Money will ensure that I am safe, that I am protected within my life experience”, “Money will make my life for me”, “Money will provide my existence for me.” There is, interestingly enough within there the statement “In Money we Trust” and what holds one to that statement is: hope. And if one have a look at one’s relationship to money, how much even especially, for example for those who have contemplated starting businesses / who have started businesses from scratch or who attempted to venture into the business-world and become independent: how many human beings fail, because there is so much trust placed in money. In that, there is more a hope that things will work out, that the money will come, that the money will ‘move’ – than the human being actually realizing how much action, how much resourcing, how much mental and physical self-movement has to happen to get a business off the ground, to have things moving. And so this is one of the primary points where many human beings fail in starting up businesses, because there is hope placed in money, there is that statement: “In Money we Trust.” There is like this prayer that goes out in relationship to money in the hopes that, you know, “The business will get off the ground, it’ll just work, it’ll start moving.”
So within this, one have to really investigate this relationship, because money/god and energy or mind forms some of the most - or forms the most integral part of most of humanity’s minds and selves and lives and living – and therefore in your relationships to money, with where you are in your life now, suggest you have to really have a look at: are you waiting for money? Are you or have you placed your trust and within that, your hope, that money in itself will somehow come and enter your life and your world and your reality and everything will just start working out?

So, even within this - many human beings go into an absolute state of apathy and inaction, because on an unconscious-mind level, you’re waiting - because you have placed your trust in money and so you now exist in a hope in relationship to money, to come to you, for things to happen, for things to move. When in the state of how this world-system, this money-system is today = nothing will come of your life unless YOU move, YOU direct, YOU put yourself out there, YOU DO the mental and physical labour to assist and support and ensure that money moves, that you have an income.
This is also one of the primary things that’s essentially programmed into us within and during childhood, because during childhood, money just ‘moves’. We have no idea as children the extent to which money in fact exists within this greater world-system, this money-system. And so money is just almost always, for most of us, just naturally a part of your world while growing up – you just ‘magically’ see ‘money move here’, ‘money move there’, you ask for money, you get money or you don’t get money – but, there’s this, almost this ‘flow’ of money that ‘moves’. In that, when one get into the outside world, the world-system / the money-system - there you’re independent and you do not have the practical education of what it takes to really be part of this world-system, this money-system to ensure that money moves in your life. Because, you’re coming from all your years, with this already pre-existent background where it’s like, you’re almost in your mind just seeing naturally money ‘swimming around’ and ‘moving around’ - you’ve got no conceptualization of what it really is that makes that money move hands, from one to the next and even the amounts as well. This is also one of the prominent points as to why so many human beings fail in a relationship to money or even being able to make it in jobs / profession or work, because they don’t understand the labour for most of humanity that has to go into ensuring that money moves.
Money doesn't just move hands or move amounts 'naturally'. It's like, as children we are really educated into this illusion of how money moves, we think it "just naturally moves", "coming out of that wallet". And when you're buying things it's just like 'coming out of your wallet' or being 'returned' to you - So there is this 'flow', this 'patterned flow' that we're seeing all the time as children and throughout our younger years of how money moves. And it's that very pattern, which resonantly imprints into our mind, our being and physical body. Then, when we ourselves have to get to a point of being responsible for money it becomes very difficult, because we're existent in that 'patterned', almost natural 'flow' of money and we don't realize how much effort, work, discipline and labour, mentally and physically, has to be put in for us to become a part of, if you will - that seemingly 'natural flow' of money.

So, within this, we suggest have a look at investigating this particular statement "in money we trust" originating from "in God we trust", originating from that direct relationship between money and god. I mean, it couldn't have been more obvious than this - in having that very statement "in God we trust" being imprinted on money 'itself'. This is not coincidence - in your mind, in your consciousness, it imprints money as a memory into you and that money, as a memory, is imprinted with the word "god". Now, do you see God anywhere within this existence? Meaning, is it person, a being, a manifestation? It's NOT! It is, within what we have explained within Desteni, non-existent.
But, now it's quite fascinating, wouldn't you say, that the word "God" is printed on a physical manifestation that so 'happens' to be: money. Your mind works by association, so, in other words, in your mind you are connecting 'God' to 'money'. And, if you have a look in your life: money is your god. It is this thing that decides whether you live or die! It is the thing that decides 'who' you are! 'How' and 'what' you live. It is the very 'hand' of god, if you will, that makes or breaks you / your life / your living! - it has that power. I would say in a way, money is the 'representation' of god, in the power that it has within human's minds and lives. So, it's quite fascinating the statement "in God we trust" is being printed on money, with having a look at the documentary that I would really suggest watching, The Power Principle, which is essentially the history of how this world system, this money system, came to exist in the way it does, in the deliberate 'force' that was utilized on populations and countries to assume control over and of them in this whole agenda of establishing a 'one world order' - 'new world order'. And within this, what has been done, what humanity, what human civilization has done in the name of money, it is very bizarre that "in God we trust" would be printed on money itself. If I were God, I would really be pissed off lol - you know, that 'my name' is printed on the very thing that is causing so much harm, destruction and abuse. Oh, isn't it also referred to as "money is the root of all evil?" So, there you have God's name, Printed on the root of all evil, which is money! Well that's the relationship that exist within human consciousness, yet money is the very thing that humans need to live, humans need to survive, that humans have defined their mind, their lives and their living towards.

So, there are some multiple dimensions going on here that are just not making sense, in terms of money being the root of all evil, God's name being imprinted on that root of all evil and God's name being imprinted on the very manifestation, the only manifestation, in which God is in its religious form represented - Now, you in your consciousness, associating money to god and not anywhere else. Obviously you've got the churches, the bibles and stuff like, but that's more your mandatory religious service, I am speaking about in everywhere else within this world and reality - now you've got money with God's name on it. And then, within that as well, what has been done in the name of money and having God's name on it - it's like, kind of, blasphemous, isn't it? So, as I said, if I were God, I would really question this within human beings.
There is also even that story in the bible where Jesus got pissed off at the people with money that were sitting on the steps and he was chasing them away - that was his relationship to the context of money even back then. So, within this, we're going to within and from this interview then open-up the dimensions of: money, god and energy/mind. Because, these three entities exist interconnectedly: money is God, as God is mind, as mind is God, as God has become money. So, the trinity essentially of what it is that is holding us within our relationship to inaction - Inaction meaning, replacing trust: "in God we trust", placing trust in God to save humanity, we're placing trust in money to save our lives, we're placing our trust in the mind to save ourselves, where we all created these relationships of separation - to money, to god, to mind - in a trust, in a hope, for things to work out, for things to change, for things to happen, for things to come, for things to move. When all the while we're imprisoning ourselves, in our own minds, in our own consciousness - because we're not moving, we’re not changing, we're not directing, we're not putting in the mental, physical effort, labour and discipline to get our lives, to get ourselves going, moving, functioning and coming about. If you really have a look at the process that we are walking in Desteni, in the 7 year Journey To Life processes - that's 'real' effort/labour/process that we're putting in to actually getting ourselves moving, getting ourselves directed, changing ourselves.
This is going to be a fascinating process to open up in how much you'll see this 'one' statement: "in God we trust", we have connected to multiple things in our world and our reality. And getting to the one critical point, which is: we have never been the 'directive principle' of our mind, ourselves and our lives. That's why we just kind of abdicated all the responsibility to money, to god, or to the mind itself.

Alright, stay tuned, some more interesting dimensions to come, but primarily within this interview so long to take with you is that statement "in money we trust" - how much are you in your mind depending on money to move by itself, when you are not realizing you're the one that have to move you to make money move.

Alright, thanks!