The Story of a Hug: DAY 452

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The Story of a Hug: DAY 452

The other day, I was on the way to horses – preparing their stables for their evening stay, when all of a sudden – I physically felt like expressing a hug; like my physical body was saying “I want to express a HUG, go HUG!”. It was a pure physical expression / sensation – lol, like the body asking me to move myself in/as the physical and express a hug. Now, the emphasis was not on the “I WANT a hug or MUST HAVE a hug” in terms of a dependency. No, it was more like “I’m going to express a Hug right now” / “express me in a form of a hug” – so, it was within the starting point of a sharing, like the body really wanted to share a hug within the principle of give and receive.

Lol, so I went to Esteni and shared a hug – really big bear hug and for a moment the body was stable, until I passed Maya’s room and it was there again and so I went to give Maya a hug and then the body was stable / happy.
Now, with this – I haven’t before experienced the physical sensation of such an expression so prominently, but it was pretty cool, how it came through the physical – no emotion/feeling, simply a physical sharing of a hug. It’s not something you can create through the Mind, that’s for sure, it’s really like the entire body within and throughout becomes this expression it wants to express unconditionally, nothing more, nothing less…simply a moment of a hug – that’s it. And obviously, how such an express cannot exist in just ‘any relationship’ – like ‘walking up to strangers and hugging them’, because it’s not about the ‘hug’, but self’s expression within and as and through the hug and that self-expression, one in fact only discover within relationships with others that you have walked with yourself and with them for some time.

Then, later the evening, Maya and I were walking through some points as her, myself and Esteni often do – walk through our day, discuss things, open points up and a point of suppression opened up in Maya and that very point was her process of walking this very self expression in/as a hug, where she’d sometimes feel like simply expressing a hug / giving a hug / sharing a hug, but then the Mind interferes and she doesn’t; then the point of an self expression becomes a suppression and the mind internalized the suppression and made the Hug to be more than  / less than what it simply should be: a Hug.

So, all in all – it was fascinating how this point opened up, and with me hugging the way that I did in the same day also then presented the solution: a Hug should simply be a self expression, a physical movement of touch/sharing: THAT’S IT. In that, it makes the connection / moment real/physical between two individuals, because there’s then nothing more / less in the Mind that is interfering: it is really two individuals coming together in that moment expressing a hug – a real connection, if you will.

So, furthermore – what opened up through this is that: to be able to express such a hug, incorporates both an internal self-process and also one’s relationship/process with another. It is truly fascinating how expression through the physical opens up, without the Mind interfering, when one had walked a process with individuals for a long time. I mean, understand – I am now not talking about relationships, and I’m sure many listening now may have in a moment in their minds been thinking about relationships / connected this point to relationships: but again – relationships would limit such an expression, such a here-moment, where there is nothing more/less in a hug but an actual expression and you can feel that self expression coming through in the physical when the mind is not there and it’s truly in that moment, in such moments, where you realise why this process of stopping the mind and discovering self expression is so worth it.

We’ll continue more in the next interview – expanding on how to discover self expression in relationships, where something as simple as a hug, makes you realise what you’ve missed with messing around in the mind/consciousness emotions/feelings.

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