The Beginning and the End as Here

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The Beginning and the End as Here

(Please Note - this blog is written with the advent of Bernard Poolman's  passing, to see/realise/understand why/how it is that the Process of equality and oneness, life, as what is best for all - still stands and continues within/through each one of us standing individually and together)

A statement Bernard used to say often was: “Everything is Here”, so therefore – this means that the Beginning, as well as the End, is Here. The obvious Question(s) that may arise within this is: How can “everything be here” and “how can there be both a beginning and an end in and as the point of here?” To understand this, one has to understand “here” and the relationship between the physical body of each human being and “here”.

What has become obvious with the Opening of the Portal, as well as the material and interviews done through/with the Portal, is that: “there is more than meets the eye and the I”. Meaning – there is more to this existence, within this existence, as this existence than what we see with our physical eyes and what we see through our Mind’s I. To see ‘beyond the Mind’, to see ‘into and beyond the physical’ is what we show you through the Portal. Therefore, there is only one Portal needed, because – as we show you, through the Portal, how to see beyond the Mind’s I and the Physical Eye’s: you see for yourself, and so we see together. Those that have walked with Desteni up to this point, especially for the last few years, can attest to the fact of what it means to see beyond/within/into the Physical, and beyond/through the Mind. This one can read/follow and walk in the 7 Year Journey to Life Processes walked by Individuals.

This is important to understand (that there is more to what we see through the eyes and the I), because this is where we’ll be getting into understanding the “here”.
Now, the “here” is the point where “everything is”. This “everything” is where all, everything, everyone in existence is unified into and as a point of absolute equality and oneness. This is the point where the past, present and future exist. This is the point where there is access to everything, everyone within existence within and as all time-frames and all existences (both heaven and earth). This “here” stands within and as the physical, and access to this “here” the stand of/as this “here” is existent within and as every breath. Meaning, it’s not like all of existence’s “information” is here ALL THE TIME – it means that, what is needed/required to be known, to be said, to be showed – is here in every moment of breath, as one move within/as every moment of breath; walking in/as an absolute trust of/as what is required to be said/shown/lived in the moment. This is what Bernard stood as in the Physical: The Equality and Oneness of/as/within the “here”. He stood equal to and one with heaven and earth, everything and all within and as it, within and as the principle of life, as what is Best for All and directed it. This ‘access’ to Life, to All as Here – is not a matter of knowledge and information. It’s not a matter of power or authority. This ‘access’ to Life, to All as Here and the ability to direct it – is a matter of Living, of Directive Principle, of standing and living the principle of/as Life, proven. Many may interpret this as power, authority, and godhood – but, anyone that has met Bernard directly in the flesh will attest to the fact that he was a human being. I wanted to say ‘normal human being’, but he was an extra-ordinary human being – EXTRA-ordinary. Meaning, he was ordinary in his living, calm, direct, stable, to the point – more so than any other human being. Thus, he was not a “god”, a “power” because of what he stood as – but a living example of the potential for those willing to self realise it themselves. This ability does not give one power/authority - as what guides the directive principle IS THE PRINCIPLE, which is “equality and oneness as what is best for all”. This is what many misinterpreted about Bernard: they referenced his stand, his walk, what he stood for/as through looking at it THROUGH HIM, when it’s actually in reverse: it’s the PRINCIPLE he was standing within/as and living; that through the Principle it gave him the directive principle to direct/stand/show the process he had walked that is for all to walk to realise LIFE in the PHYSICAL. Life - which exist within and as the Principle of/as equality and oneness as what is best for all in and as the Physical.

He emphasized throughout process that he does not accept/allow slaves, that he does not accept/allow followers – yet, despite this, it is fascinating how many human beings ‘tried to be like him’. Not realising the YEARS he had walked in his individual process to stand where he stood, how he stood and what he stood as. So, it was fascinating observing/watching individuals that look at Bernard as he is/was NOW and then ‘try and become him’. Obviously, looking at Bernard within the “present / the now” – not seeing Bernard as the totality of his history, his life, his journey/process – what it took throughout his life to be/become who/what he was/lived, who/what he still is/standing as. So, such individuals were looking at the equation Bernard = Principle, when it was in fact Principle = Bernard, and to be/become/stand as that Principle in fact in the Physical and LIVE as it: was a process consisting of YEARS of commitment and discipline. This is why some would try and copy him through EGO, magically believing ‘they are like him’ and/or they would fight him – both actually standing in the same starting point of in fact knowing that they cannot ever ‘be like him’ and so feel ‘threatened’. Thus, they’d try and be MORE than him (which are the ones that would go into Ego and try and copy him), or they try and break him down…fascinating the nature of the human as the Mind.
I emphasize this point for each one to Understand and remember that: Bernard always put ‘process first’, ‘the principle first’ – even before ‘himself’. There was no ‘personal self’ to Bernard – he walked, spoke and lived within and as Life Principle, and is the principle he always lived by and stood by: the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore, with looking at Bernard – one need to for a moment look beyond the Mind’s I, beyond the Physical Eyes and see into and as his Words. His words were the Life Principle as what he stood as and lived. His words thus SHOWED the process for each one to walk, as he had walked - together with the insights/realisations/understandings he had come to, throughout his process, to assist and support those walking to see WITH him as equals, that we are able to take those/such insights/realisations/understandings and incorporate it into our own processes/lives. Again, the words Bernard spoke – was not “his words”, it was not “Bernard as a human” speaking – it was Bernard as what he stood as and lived speaking.

Therefore, for those trying to become “him”, for those trying to fight “him” – it’s pointless. You cannot become him nor can you fight him – because there was ‘no him’. You are trying to become and/or fight an Illusion, an Idea, an Opinion of him you created in your own Mind, so it’s really comical watching/observing such human beings doing this to themselves in their own Mind, creating their own paranoia and possession.

For those that are walking process, as I have mentioned, have been walking it for themselves, the MY-SELF – the realisation that: the process to Life each one has to walk, is INDIVIDUALLY. Thus, the process is the same, but the point that one will stand, HOW one will express as the Principle, Direct as the Principle - will be different for each one and can only be discovered through one’s self-honesty within and as the starting-point Principle and the walking of the Tools. So, remember – the process is to self realise through/as YOUR-SELF, not BERNARD-SELF. I mean, if in the dictionary it was referenced as BERNARD-SELF, then yeah lol – it would be to “become Bernard”…but it’s not. Bernard self-realised HIM-SELF, so you have to self-realise YOUR-SELF. And this “him/her” and “your” SELF – the SELF-point is where we’re standing within the principle of equality and oneness as life as what is best for all. It is the journey to life of the SELF – of myself as Sunette, of yourself as you. How we’re going to be/stand/direct – you cannot “know”, cause it’s NOT a knowledge point, you can only discover is through actually LIVING the principle and this is/will be a process from Consciousness to Awareness, from System to Life – the birthing of self as life in/as the Physical.
Have a look – it’s myself, yourself, him/her-self – the SELF point is the equal point, is the oneness point. So, this is the point that has to stand in the principle of/as equality and oneness as what is best for all, and then the “my / your / him/her” is the point where each one will be ‘individual’ in terms of how you will stand/express/direct as life. Bernard had walked his point, now it’s time to find/realise/live your point – and we will all find/realise that point through how he found/realised his point, which is through the Tools Desteni Provides.

With the beginning and the end as here – it is interesting that with Bernard, he was the beginning, the first plus one (+ 1) in the equality equation process. All that stood/walked with him from there, was the + 1’s to where we are now thus far with all of us standing within and as Desteni. Again here, you can see: the + 1 is individual, the self walking WITH – not following/copying, but standing as an individual together, equal and one. As Bernard was a beginning, an ‘end’ came to the beginning he had walked. Yet – with the beginning and end as here: from the end, a ‘new beginning’ stands and this is the ‘new beginning’ for us to continue walking. This ‘new beginning’ is where he personally is no more in an individual physical body as well, but what he stood as/existed as remains within and as this existence – a Process we have to individually walk and self realise as ourselves.
Therefore, what the Beginning and the End as Here means is that: there is always a beginning, an end to that beginning, and from that end, a new beginning for a new end and so forth….This is why/how ‘Change is a Constant’ – yet, what we must consider within this is: to Change with change, yet remain constant/consistent and stable within and as it. To not accept/allow change – as it progress within ourselves/this physical existence - to determine/define who we are, but that we utilize change constructively – remain standing within the directive principle of equality and oneness as what is Best for All, so that we become the directive principle of change itself. So that change manifest as ourselves, and no more be something that “happens TO us”. (I will expand on this relationship to change in posts to come.)

Many may say that “nothing will Ever be the same again”. I suggest considering that such a statement would mean that “everything was projected to be ONLY in Bernard’s hands/words/directive principle” and now, just because he’s gone – the idea is created that “everything is gone/lost”…when this is not so. He had prepared us all effectively, given us all the tools necessary, all the processes necessary, to take Responsibility for ourselves. So therefore, everything has always in fact been in our own Hands. If anything, such a statement “nothing will ever be the same again”, simply proves that we have placed too much trust, too much hope into Bernard as an Individual – that we did not develop, effectively, our own Self Trust – our stand/walking/living of/as Self Trust.

Herewith, let us walk our Beginning, our End, into and as our ‘new Beginning’ – where in our ‘new Beginning’, from the End we will meet in this life - will either be standing equal to and one with existence, the here, the everything in/as equality and oneness, or our “new beginning” will be the “new end”: where we will not be able to individualize ourselves into and as the equality and oneness of/as Life.


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