Opinion: Guarding the Self-Interest of Consciousness (Part Two): DAY 435

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Opinion: Guarding the Self-Interest of Consciousness (Part Two): DAY 435

With Plausible Deniability starting from childhood – we realise one thing: ‘we can get away with things’ in the REAL WORLD as long as only we know the intention/starting point in the Mind, as long as there is no evidence/fact in the real world and as long as we’re deceptive enough to make what we do/speak/decide sound ‘plausible’. In this way, the Mind/Consciousness has become the primary ‘crutch’ we use to not take Responsibility for the Secrets in the Mind and our words/deeds in Reality.

The moment Plausible Deniability enters the Mind of a child, two dimensions manifest:
One: We realise that we can do things in reality, not have to take responsibility for them, as long as there is no evidence.
Two: We realise that our intention/starting point with doing something doesn’t have to be known by anyone and so start creating the ‘Secret Mind’, where we accept/allow ourselves to do things in the Secrets of our Minds and can project/portray a ‘different story’ to the ‘outside world’.

The problem, though, with Plausible Deniability and the Secret Mind – is that human beings think/believe, by standing within this primary relationship to things that is being done in the Mind where we make ourselves ‘feel better’ about what we think/imagine/fantasize – create an Opinion towards it that “suits SELF” with regards to how you reason the plausibility/the ‘okayness’ of the things that are thought/imagined/fantasized in the Mind; is that it becomes more and more easy/acceptable/ ‘normal’ to have opinions about things to SUIT SELF, rather than actually INVESTIGATING the FACTS, the REALITY of things.
In this, we take this primary relationship to the outside world – where we just look/view/observe things, create an Opinion about it – always in the context that in some way or another only suits ourselves – but never actually investigate the facts, the reality of things. So, what we do in the Mind – we do in this World.

Have a look at politics for example – dear God, plausible deniability is RIFE within politics, so many elite doing things with Money/Resources that’s supposed to go to ‘the People’, but never does and then no evidence/trace is left, everyone put their hands in the air claiming no Responsibility and then the people are left powerless. We don’t realise how we in fact leave ourselves Powerless through having Opinions and using/abusing Plausible Deniability in our own Minds/Worlds – we leave ourselves powerless in terms of being in touch with reality/what is real and directing ourselves/our lives effectively through taking responsibility, in reality, for who we are and what we do in thought, word and deed.
Plausible Deniability is the foundation of Corruption – so the question is, how do we then Corrupt ourselves/our own Minds with deception through our relationship with Plausible Deniability? When having a look at Opinions and Plausible Deniability: we corrupt ‘reality / responsibility and ourselves’ in our own MINDS – changing/misconstruing reality in the Mind for our own ‘self-interest’ where we have our own Elite/Ego in the Mind that we cater to – no matter the consequence to our self honesty/integrity/respect and our relationship to others. Exactly as what the Elite in the external world/reality do – create opinions, rely on plausible deniability and only catering to their own self-interest at the sacrifice/expense of ‘the people/majority’.

If we have a look at what we in fact do to ourselves when it comes to Plausible Deniability – we are creating a fundamental relationship of Deception with ourselves, we DE-SEE / DE-SEEve (de-cei-ve) ourselves when we create Opinions, because through Opinions we change reality to suit our own self-interest and is so-doing deceiving our relationship to reality; and with Plausible Deniability – we deceive ourselves with believing we have no responsibility to the consequence we create in reality.
So, in the next post we’ll open up the Opinion and Plausible Deniability ‘Self-Interest Guards’ of the Mind/Consciousness and how we deceive ourselves, de-see REALITY and what is real and how we through this have accepted and allowed Illusion in the Mind/Consciousness to be/become more than what is real/reality as the Physical.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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