Once upon a time, there was a Thought, Awareness and a Water Drop…(Part Five): DAY 474

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Once upon a time, there was a Thought, Awareness and a Water Drop…(Part Five): DAY 474

Here we come to the FINAL step – the Practical Corrective Living, where one in fact APPLY the change in REALITY consistently, until eventually, the self-change is noticeable within oneself and one’s behaviour – which will be the moment where the green water drop, will change entirely to purple. We’ll continue with this process in the next post.

As explained in the previous post – Writing, Self Forgiveness and Commitment Statements opens up the POTENTIAL for actual self and living change, for change to become REAL, constant and consistent within self and self’s living. So, let us have a look at the three dimensions again – this time from seeing what it would mean to apply / live change until the change becomes self within and without:
One have to understand that, changing oneself in relation to a point / dimension within the Mind – will be a process, because one had initially automatically lived-out a particular reaction / self-definition and now one has to move out of the automation and at the same time redefine and change oneself. We will show how this works as we walk through each individual dimension we had walked as examples within the posts thus far.

Dimension 1: Word Definitions
Automated Mind Program:
Initially, the moment the words “handsome / beautiful” would come up in the Mind – many images / projections would come up within the Mind, along with emotional reactions that would lead to comparison and self-judgment.

Practical Application Process and Change
Now, every time ANY reference of “handsome / beautiful” comes up within self – self deliberately in the moment, immediately REMIND oneself that one is deciding to not participate in such definitions of “handsome / beautiful”, but that one had decided to focus oneself / one’s life on one’s own personal process and not be distracted by such definitions and reactions to words in the MIND. So, instead of ‘following the Mind’ when images / projections come up the moment one see/ hear the words handsome / beautiful – one in real-time, in the moment speak a self forgiveness statement, for example “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in this moment want to follow my thoughts / projections and the images that came up within me in relation to the words handsome / beautiful. I commit myself to no longer participate in such distractions in my Mind.” Then you breathe in and out and let the point go within yourself and continue focusing on what you were doing in your world.
So, one continue walking this point – changing SELF IN THE MOMENT, from stopping continuing following the mind / participating in the Mind and bring your focus back to yourself, to breath, to the physical and your immediate environment.

Dimension 2: Comparison
Automated Mind Program:
Here one found how comparison activates within one’s Mind, because when one looked at others in real life and/or in magazines / TV / movies – one focused more on their external appearance and how it compares to one’s own external appearance. So, because one’s Mind was preoccupied with external appearance – this became the focus of what one sees in one’s external world, which leads to the activation of comparison in one’s Mind and so also the emotion of jealousy.

Practical Application Process and Change
Now, as one is walking around a lot of people, reading magazines and/or watching TV / Movie and one find in a moment a comparison comes up in the Mind: one IMMEDIATELY stop within oneself, speak a quick self forgiveness statement for example: “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to access comparison – wanting to compare my external appearance to that of another. I commit myself to stop this comparison, realising that I decide to not preoccupy myself with external appearances and comparison”. Then, one change oneself in the moment and instead of comparing external appearances – rather see what you can LEARN from another by observing them. Meaning, change how one see others from comparing oneself to them – to seeing who they are as individuals: how they dress / walk and express themselves through words / behaviour. Realising that the person you’re looking at / observing is an INDIVIDUAL that is expressing themselves through words / behaviour / dress. The moment we start comparing – we stop realising that human beings are individuals and instead start seeing them as ‘competition’, instead start using them in our minds to fuel our own issues / problems with comparison and jealousy. So, this is an practical application to consider when working with comparison – to in the moment stop the comparison in the Mind and look / observe the individual for who they are.

Dimension 3: Self Judgement
Automated Mind Program:
Here one found that the moment comparison activates, self-judgment also comes up in the Mind – where one starts bullying oneself in one’s own Mind with the focus of the self-judgment primarily directed to/towards external appearances.

Practical Application Process and Change
So, every time a self-judgment comes up – before you take it any further in the mind and continue participating in it and generating judgmental emotions / experiences: one speak a self forgiveness statement, for example “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in this moment judge myself. I commit myself to stop this self-judgment as I have decided to stop bullying myself in my own mind and instead work on supporting myself – rather than attacking myself.” Then one breathe in and breathe out – stabilizing oneself in the body, for a moment just being there with you and the body, no mind interference: to start assisting and supporting yourself and the body to develop an equal relationship, where you assist and support the body as the body assists and supports you to live/exist within this world / reality. So, in the moment you stop the self-judgment and stabilize yourself within and with the body – it’s like in this moment you remind yourself to be gentle with yourself, with the body and not attack / bully yourself and the body with the Mind.

Here are some examples of practical application and self change in the moment. Obviously, there are many different ways to approach a point in the Mind with using the tools of forgiveness, commitments and breath in real-time – but what I wanted to show here is how one change IN THE MOMENT.
So, with each practical application process – where one CHANGE IN THE MOMENT, one will find with remaining consistent in one’s application, the thoughts / reactions will start becoming less and less intense. Until eventually, the thoughts / reactions will come up ever so slightly and will be really easy to simply breathe and stabilize oneself within. This is because, if one would have continued participating in the mind in the dimensions of the words, comparisons and self-judgment – it keeps on generating the necessary energy / emotions for the Mind to keep such programs / dimensions / reactions in the Mind “alive”. So, if you start stopping participation and not follow the mind, but instead change and stabilize yourself – the mind’s points has less and less energy / fuel to charge the programs / reactions, because you are stabilizing YOURSELF in the PHYSICAL, instead of charging up the Mind.

We’ll in posts to come explain this change from Mind participation to Physical stability, specifically focusing on why it is not enough to simply just ‘stop thoughts / emotions’ and just breathe / stabilize oneself – but one has to have SPECIFIC self-change applications in relation to the mind’s programs / reactions.

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