Once upon a time, there was a Thought, Awareness and a Water Drop…(Part Two): DAY 471

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Once upon a time, there was a Thought, Awareness and a Water Drop…(Part Two): DAY 471

In this post, we’re continuing from seeing the Bowl with all the blue water drops – with each individual blue water drop representing a thought / backchat / emotion / feeling from the conscious / subconscious mind.
(To note here: backchats and emotions only form part of the conscious / subconscious mind dimensions of the Mind Consciousness System. I’ve only used the basics as examples to show the process we walk in relation to the Mind/Consciousness, where one’s process starts within the Conscious / Subconscious Mind. There is in fact more, MUCH MORE to the Mind: the unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical that are the more complex systems of the entire Mind Consciousness System. One can learn more about the conscious, subconscious and unconscious Mind in Self Awareness Steps of the Elite and learn more about the Quantum Mind in Quantum Mind Self Awareness available on EQAFE.)
Then, within this Bowl – seeing the green water drop and purple water drop emphasized and connected with a thin blue strand. This representing the relationship between the backchat and emotion and our awareness – where the backchat / emotion as the green water drop is still a ‘part of us’ that our awareness as the purple water drop is now in the process of changing / transforming with walking the process of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Commitment into actual Self Corrective Living.

Now, for a moment – Imagine seeing the green water drop and purple water drop only – connected with a thin blue thread. This is the moment where one’s Awareness (purple water drop) now takes a step back from the backchat/emotion (green water drop) that activated in the Mind in the moment of seeing the photograph. The green water drop is filled with the backchat of “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” together with the emotion of, let’s say jealousy. Now, with one’s Awareness and Self Honesty – one starts writing and looking deeper into the backchat and emotion to establish why and how it activated, where did it come from, why does it exist within oneself/the Mind. As one’s Awareness starts looking deeper into the green water drop – one’s awareness starts seeing that there is MUCH MORE within and beyond the backchat and emotion going on. One finds, for example, various dimensions as one goes deeper into and beyond the backchat / emotion / deeper into the green water drop – such as:

Word Definitions:
You start realising that there is a ‘problem’ within the words “handsome” and “beautiful” as they are defined in the Mind. Where, at the moment – when such words are spoken / they come up in your world: Immediately photos/fantasies come up with regards to how one accepted and allowed oneself to define the words “beautiful” and/or “handsome”. Furthermore, one found the definition of the words “beautiful” and/or “handsome” to be ONLY related to external physical appearance of people. That, one had in one’s Mind accepted and allowed the definition of “beautiful” and/or “handsome” to consist of what the world defines as “beautiful / handsome” and in comparison to others one in one’s Mind, did not meet such standards.

The more you investigated and looked into the point; you may find that you’ve been comparing your external physical appearance to photos/fantasies in your Mind that you accumulated from your external environment. And the more you started comparing yourself to the photos/fantasies in your Mind – the more the emotion of jealousy came up within you. Projecting the jealousy towards those that the world define to be “beautiful” / “handsome”, because in your eyes – your body / external appearance can never look like the “beauty / handsomeness” as portrayed in the photos, for example.

Self Judgment:
As you dig deeper into the point, you may also find, for example how extensively you’ve been comparing yourself to others – as you started becoming aware of your thoughts / backchats and emotions more, you realise you’re doing it more than you were initially conscious of. That, it was not only in that one instance with the photograph – your Mind is most of the time, in some way or another, comparing your physical appearance to that of others within the context of the definition of the words “handsome” / “beautiful”. The outflow of this, is that you find that you often judge yourself, your appearance and your body.

So, here are but three dimensions as examples of what can open up within oneself in relation to what is accepted and allowed in the Mind with entertaining something as simple as backchat and an emotional reaction. What I want to show here, specifically, is that: there is much more to backchat and emotion than meets the eye. There’s actually so much more going on within / behind the thoughts and emotions/reactions and even feelings that we experience in the Mind and the Body.
So, in the next post – I will continue with how self forgiveness, commitment statements and actual practical living change: change oneself / a part of self as used in this example where one redefine the words Handsome / Beautiful for oneself, change how one approach the words, no more limit the definition of the words to only photos / fantasies etc. and so how the green drop will then change/transform into/as a purple drop; which means: how the parts of oneself in the Mind/Consciousness will change into realisations that will assist/support one in oneself and one’s life/living experience.

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