The Physical-Motion and E(energy/mind)-Motion of Process: DAY 475

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The Physical-Motion and E(energy/mind)-Motion of Process: DAY 475

I the other day, explained the following example to an individual that will give perspective of ‘process’ and also give perspective of why/how it is that one ‘sometimes feel stable’ and at other times overwhelmed when it comes to the Mind:

Imagine a HUGE round see-through ball that is rolling down a path, with this path winding and sometimes going up and other times going down with lots of obstacles, such as rocks / fallen trees / holes. Now Imagine in that huge round see-through ball there are LOTS of smaller balls floating in a stable position. These balls you can make all sorts of different colours. Then on the smaller balls, Imagine that you see small doors as though the doors on the small balls can be opened and you go inside of them. Now Imagine that you see all the doors on the small balls facing forward towards the path the huge ball is standing on.
So, the small balls with the doors represent points in the Mind that one has to face, with the huge ball representing your physical body and the path with all the obstacles representing the process we walk in our lifetime with facing ourselves as the mind and also the manifested-consequence we have already created in our lives through the mind. Obviously here to consider that such a “path of our lives” is but an experience – physically, we’re always in this reality physically stable. We create the “experience” of ups and downs and winding roads through the MIND.

Now Imagine that you start seeing the huge ball roll along the path and as the huge ball moves in a forward-motion, at the same time, all the smaller balls moves in a forward-motion; but: all the smaller balls are moving forward in different speeds.
Let’s say, the huge ball rolls into a hole and at the same time as the huge ball rolls into a hole – that very moment, one of the smaller-ball’s doors had rolled in such a way where the door was facing forward towards the path, but is now facing inward. The moment the door on the ball faces inwards – it opens up to reveal, for example, thoughts / emotions / behaviour patterns. What this illustrates is the following: As one is walking one’s process – day-to-day, this is the path one walks. Then, as one walk the day – a moment happens with a person, a conflict for example; which would represent the hole in the path. As the moment of conflict opens up, as the ball rolled into the hole: specific thoughts/reactions/behaviour patterns will come to the fore that “activates” – showing things about self, in the Mind, that has to be faced. This being the same as the moment one of the small ball’s doors opened up the exact moment the ball rolled into the hole.

Now, one of two things can happen in such moments: the moment the point within self opens up as one is confronted with a challenge within one’s world / reality (as when the door of the small ball opens the moment the larger ball rolls into the hole) – one will either face oneself and change OR the point will return in the Mind/Self to be faced at a later stage. However, there is a consequence to the point returning to the Mind/Self to be faced at a later stage: if one ‘miss a point’ – an additional ‘layer’ is added to the point in the Mind and everything that it consists of. An additional layer, meaning: the thoughts / backchats and energy reactions of the Mind pattern will become ever so slightly emphasized so that the next time one face the point again – the experience of the point will be even more difficult in the Mind.
If we look at it from the example of the balls: as the small ball’s door opens up the moment the larger ball rolls into the hole and one do not face the mind-pattern that the smaller ball represents – the door will close and the small ball will increase in size. If one did face the mind pattern (or content of the small ball) – every time one apply oneself to change, when a mind pattern emerge (or a small ball’s door opens up): the small ball will decrease in size as the mind pattern becomes less and less intense / overwhelming. With remaining constant and consistent with one’s practical application and change with facing mind patterns in real-time – the mind pattern will slowly but surely disappear as you are no longer feeding / validating the mind pattern, but standing by and committing to your self change.

We’ll continue more in the next post with how to practically assist and support oneself when missing point in one’s real-time application. Also, how – even though, when missing points, the points to become more intense / overwhelming: it is in fact a ‘gift in disguise’.

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