Out of Control: DAY 469

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Out of Control 

We’ll continue more in the next post with specifically having a look at the ‘wild nature of the mind’ as it now exists because we’re not the directive principle of our own thoughts/emotions, for example and so why/how we’re not in control of our own Minds and our own life/living experiences/decisions. In this, we’re going to see how we can assist / support ourselves to rebuild ourselves, recreate ourselves within and without.

Let’s have a look at the definition ‘the Wild Nature of the Mind’ and why the Mind itself is ‘Wild’ with regards to our current relationship towards it:
In the above paragraph I stated that we’re not the directive principle of our own thoughts and emotions, which means that we’re not in control of our own Minds. If we’re not in control of our own Minds – then we’re not in control of our life/living and what we use to guide us through our lives, which is: Decisions.

Let’s break this down more specifically:
“we’re not the directive principle of our own thoughts and emotions” – What does this mean?
If you have a look at moments during your day – you can observe how sometimes, random thoughts will come up within you that are no way contextual to your immediate surroundings. An example is: you’re discussing plans with an individual, because you’re part of a committee that is planning a big event. All of a sudden – you start thinking about the individual sexually, imagining you in relationship with them, start thinking about what they look like / what they’re wearing. All of this is happening in your Mind while your immediate surroundings in reality is about planning and discussing an event. Additionally within this, your relationship with this individual in relation to how the two of you interact is purely platonic and there has been no discussion / communication or even indication of engaging in a relationship with them.
Then, with the thoughts – comes feelings/emotions that activates. Again, the thoughts and emotions in the mind just ‘came up out of nowhere’ – suddenly/unexpectedly. So, the context here that I am looking at that you can also practically assess for yourself is: while you’re doing something in REALITY or interacting with another individual and in such moments your Mind starts becoming busy with all sorts of different things that are in NO WAY related to the immediate moment in reality - this comes to show how we’re not the directive principle of our own thoughts and emotions, because they are just accepted and allowed to run amok in our Minds and take us into all sorts of different directions/alternate realities and separate us from what’s real, what’s here in every moment of Breath.

This opens up another point: it’s interesting when looking at the relationship to such thoughts and emotions that we tend to then “believe them / have faith in them” IMMEDIATELY because they “seemingly came out of nowhere” – where this “blind trust” is placed on the thoughts and emotions that come up in such a way. When it should actually be the opposite: because they come up out of nowhere, because they come up in moments where such thoughts and emotions are in fact completely irrelevant – we should be QUESTIONING them, investigating what triggered / activated such thoughts and emotions in the Mind; asking the question(s): “Why was I not here, grounded and stable in my participation with reality / the person(s) I was interacting with and keeping everything contextual? Why and how did I wander off into mind-dimensions that had no context to reality?” But, instead of doing this – we exist in reverse: we then tend to BELIEVE the Mind’s thoughts and emotions MORE and create an absolute Illusion about the relationship to reality / another person and more often than not – reality PROVES that whatever the thoughts and emotions showed was not real. Sometimes, even despite reality PROVING that the thoughts / emotions aren’t real – the individual is so possessed within the belief/faith/trust of the thoughts and emotions that they are still pursued.

However, the focus point of this post is for self to practically apply this for oneself: keep one’s awareness focused on finding such moments within your day where random thoughts and emotions will come up that are completely out of context to reality / the moment of participation with something/someone. In this, one will thus see for oneself how the thoughts will come and the emotions will activate and one will simply immediately follow them / fall into them – BELIEVE that they are SO REAL and in that: forget about what it is real RIGHT HERE – the physical moment and its REAL CONTEXT.
So, with thoughts and emotions in such a context separating us from reality, a REAL MOMENT - is an example of how and why we’re not even in directive principle of our own thoughts/emotions – more importantly because we don’t understand or even know where they in fact come from in the first place. So, this is an important point to consider in this post: that it is because one do not understand why they come up/exist/where they come from – that they should be questioned/investigated and not the other way around where – because they come up automatically, they’re immediately trusted/believed and regarded MORE than what’s real/here.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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