Once upon a time, there was a Thought, Awareness and a Water Drop…DAY 470

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Once upon a time, there was a Thought, Awareness and a Water Drop…DAY 470

An interesting point opened up today to explain the relationship between our Awareness and the Mind (thoughts, backchat, reactions etc.) and so the process of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application to change our Awareness-Mind relationship within the Physical Body.
(To understand more about ‘Awareness’ and the difference between Self-Awareness and the Mind/Consciousness – we suggest investing in The Consciousness of the Tiger interviews)

Many may be able to relate to the experience/reaction of taking thoughts/backchats/reactions in the Mind/Consciousness PERSONALLY. Meaning: often when a backchat and reaction comes up – in that moment, it feels like “this is all that I am / this is ME / I can’t change / this is who/how I am and that’s it”.
Appearance self-judgment is something many face, hence utilizing this example: Let’s say one have the tendency to judge yourself and/or others. Here, we’ll focus on self-judgment. Let’s say a recurring backchat / voice in the head that comes up in the Mind is “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him”. As this ‘voice in the head’ comes up, it’s also accompanied with an emotional reaction such as sadness / self-pity / anger / jealousy. So, for this posts practical application process: Identify for yourself a backchat / voice in the head that often comes up within you and also identify the emotion that accompanies it.

What one has to understand in the current relationship between our Awareness and the Mind/Consciousness is the following:
Utilizing your Imagination constructively – Imagine a bowl filled with MANY single water drops, where you could contain water in singular water drops and individually place them into this bowl. Now Imagine that the single water drops starts merging with other water drops, where it starts looks like 2 / 3 water drops are merged into one. Not completely merged, but ever so slightly overlapping. The Bowl represents the Mind. ONE of those water drops in this bowl represents your Awareness. Let’s make this ONE water drop purple. The rest of the water drops represents individual thoughts, emotions, backchats etc. Let’s make these water drops Blue. So, in terms of the current relationship between our Awareness and the Mind – the substance of our Awareness is still minimal in comparison to the substance/content of the Mind/Consciousness.
Now Imagine, on the outside of this bowl – a Magazine is placed, with a photograph of a man / woman. In the Bowl (as the Mind) the water drop with the backchat “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” stands out. One can here imagine one of the water drops in the bowl changing to the colour green to show how it emphasizes. What I am showing here is what also happens in the Mind: external stimuli activate thoughts/emotions/backchats in our Minds.

Now I’m going to explain why it is that we in such a moment BELIEVE that WE’RE speaking such a sentence in our Minds, that such a sentence defines ‘all that we are’, where it makes us feel like ‘this is who we are / how we are’ and ‘cannot be changed’.
What actually happens, in a quantum moment in our Minds with using the example of the Bowl and the water drops – is the following: As the magazine was placed on the outside of the bowl, as one’s eyes glimpse the photograph in reality – it activated the “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” backchat / the green water drop. At the same time as the green water drop / the “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” backchat activated – the Awareness / Purple water drop in a quantum moment MERGED with the Green water drop / the “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” backchat. In other words: in our Minds, our Awareness is SO MERGED with thoughts, backchats and reactions – we really believe that it is ALL that we are and that we cannot change…when this is not in fact so.

To understand how our Awareness / the Purple Water Drop is MERGED with the Mind/Consciousness as all the blue Water Drops – Imagine the following:
In the bowl – see all the water drops ‘divided’. Going back to the initial point where you placed the Singular water drops into the bowl, therefore – the water drops are for a moment individualized. Now place the one purple water drop / Awareness in the centre – seeing the rest of the blue water drops surrounding it. Then, see very thin blue strands extending from the purple water drop / Awareness into each one of the blue water drops representing thoughts / emotions / feelings / backchat etc. What I am illustrating here, that is important to remember is: the Mind/Consciousness is a PART of you – one cannot ever be SEPARATE from it. However, this does not mean that it has to define who you are / how you are as we’re now currently accepting and allowing in our Awareness-Consciousness relationship. In this moment, we have accepted and allowed ALL the blue water drops, the entire Mind/Consciousness to control who/how we are through thoughts/emotions/backchats/personality systems and so much more. This is where our AWARENESS steps in: with the Desteni Process – we’re strengthening our Awareness / purple water drop to be able to direct / change the parts of ourselves in the mind such as thoughts / emotions / backchats etc. that is compromising who we are and how/what we live. This point of ‘strengthening our Awareness and what this means – I’m explaining in the section to follow:

(Those that have walked with Desteni for quite some time – already know how to identify and investigate/question thoughts/backchats and reactions. For those reading this post for the first time – I would suggest Investigating the DIP LITE free online course as well as the Desteni Forums to understand more about thoughts, backchats and reactions.)
How the Process of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application comes into play to assist/support with Strengthening / ‘Substantiating’ our Awareness is as follows:
With walking the Desteni Process – one by this time already know that such a backchat, together with an emotion is something to be looked at / investigated, because it just automatically came up in the Mind in an sudden / unexpected moment. With this – one within oneself, with Self-Awareness ask the question: “Where did this backchat come from? Why did it activate when I looked at this photograph? Why did I react in emotion with this particular backchat and the photograph?”
So, within the Desteni Process, with strengthening one’s Awareness / purple water drop – one’s relationship to the Mind/Consciousness and backchat/emotion for example – changes as follows:
With going back to the example of the green water drop / the “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” backchat - the moment the backchat / green water drop activates, our Awareness merge with the backchat and emotion within our Minds and so makes us feel / believe that “that is how it is / it’s who/how we are and experience ourselves”. Instead, with walking the Desteni Process – one realise that one in that moment accepted and allowed the participation in the backchat and the emotion, one accepted and allowed it to enter oneself and affect/change one’s experience. So, one then for a moment have to ‘unmerge’ one’s Awareness / purple water drop from the green water drop / the “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” backchat and the emotion that came up with the backchat. ‘Unmerge’, meaning: one through WRITING – QUESTION the backchat and emotion. One through Writing for a moment STAND BACK within oneself in relation to the thought and emotion to investigate why it exists, where it comes from, why did it come up etc.

Therefore, in the process of Writing and Self Forgiveness – the following process unfolds:
Now Imagine our focus in the Bowl is only on the green water drop and the purple water drop that was initially merged, and is now standing individually next to each other – yet still connected with a thin blue strand, representing that the green water drop is still PART OF the purple water drop. This then representing how one will investigate / introspect the backchat “I’m never going to be as beautiful / handsome as her / him” and the emotion that came up with it – through Writing. In Writing, one for a moment has the opportunity to stand back within oneself and look at a point / part of oneself in/as the Mind that activated. Then comes the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Process where one’s Awareness / the purple water drop realises that: one have the ability to direct / change the backchat and emotion that came up. That one’s Awareness / purple water drop can PURIFY the green water drop and its content such as the backchat / emotion that initially polluted / compromised / sabotaged oneself, one’s experience and relationship with one’s body, for example. This is the process one walk within the Mind/Consciousness, with each water drop as thought/emotion/backchat initially – UNDERSTAND it and change oneself within and as it through Writing, Forgiveness and Commitments through into actual Practical Living Change. Until all the Water Drops in the Bowl as ourselves are purple – as our Self Awareness has taken responsibility and directive principle within ourselves and the physical body.

In the next post, I’ll go into more detail of the process of changing thoughts and backchats for example from Consciousness control to Self Aware Living.

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