Shock, Trauma and Stress (Part Two): DAY 480

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Shock, Trauma and Stress (Part Two): DAY 480

In the next post we will continue with the Unconscious Mind, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical layers / compartments within and as which the Mind Consciousness System function / exist, to understand the processes involved on the Quantum Physical level that contribute to the manifestation of chronic stress in the Mind and Body.

UNCONSCIOUS MIND – this is the third layer / compartment of the Mind and has a direct-relationship with the physical body, which extends into a deeper dimension within everything of/as the physical body. The Unconscious Mind contains ‘behavioural systems’ that are pre-programmed, and when activated will accordingly affect / influence your gestures / mannerisms / body language.

So, within the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind relationship to the physical body – these two mind-layers/compartments are responsible for activating already-existent / merged mind-systems within the very tissue / structures / bones of/as the physical body. So, in other words – let’s say one’s physical eyes see someone, and that image is captured by your Consciousness, a signal will be sent to your Subconscious / Unconscious Mind to accordingly activate emotional / feeling experiences as well as particular physical experiences that will then determine your body language / behaviour / mannerism.
QUANTUM MIND and QUANTUM PHYSICAL – this is the fourth layer / compartment of the Mind and has a direct-relationship with the physical body, existing in a deeper-dimension beyond the unconscious mind dimension. The Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical are the dimensions of the Mind Consciousness System that actually DIRECTS the physical body / MANIPULATES physical matter and the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind only has the ability to influence / affect physical matter through the systems/programs/memories that are merged within and as the physical body. For example, the Quantum Mind is the very Systems/Programs merged into/as the physical body and the Quantum Physical is that of the body that had become so conditioned / manipulated / changed by the Mind/Consciousness – that the very structures / designs of physical matter resonate a particular program / impulse constantly and continuously that on a physical-level ensures you ‘live the mind’.

Even though the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical is existent in deeper dimensions to the Subconscious Mind and Unconscious Mind, one can interdimensionally-physically see how these two mind layers / dimensions permeate / infiltrate physical matter. Where, if one have a look at the interdimensional and the physical simultaneously, the Mind had taken over physical matter to such an extent that one can barely see any ‘pure physical substance’ that belongs only to the body / where the body has ‘natural control’ over itself. What is affecting / influencing and directing the physical body to a great degree is Consciousness, and this goes for activating, for example hormones and/or irregular heartbeats, problems with the digestive systems etc. to name but a common few.
What we had walked thus far in terms of explaining the Mind layers/dimensions/compartments is illustrating but the major constructs / parts that exist of the Mind in the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical. This by no means represents the entirety of what the mind layers/dimensions/compartments consist of / exist as – because the primary focus point of walking through the mind layers / dimensions is to show how exactly the mind’s foundations exist within the physical body.

This brings us to how / why it is that shock, trauma and stress primarily activates on a Quantum Physical Level, where – one have the ‘natural stress activation’ of the physical body to produce adrenaline and supporting hormones for the ‘fight / flight’ experience to activate when/as one is in danger / have to kick-start the physical body in a quantum moment to move / direct oneself through the physical body in an instant.
However, it does happen that we through the Mind – with shock / trauma and emotional experiences, constantly place the physical body in ‘fight / flight’ mode where stress, that’s supposed to facilitate our survival – becomes a ‘way of life’ , which leads to chronic stress. Obviously, this shows the extent of impact the Mind – how we think / react, has on the physical body and the short-term and long-term consequence this can create mentally and physically.

In the next post we will continue having a look at the direct-relationship between the mind and the physical, where we in our Minds simulate stressful situations / experience, the brunt of which the physical body experience and what it is to understand within the mind-body relationship that a “shock” can induce such mental / physical trauma and catapult one into stress and eventually chronic stress.

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