From Responding / Reacting to the Mind – to Response-ability / Direction in Reality: DAY 477

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From Responding / Reacting to the Mind – to Response-ability / Direction in Reality: DAY 477

Recently I was asked to explain “What is Self Expression”? The way in which the question was asked, was where the individual admitted to trying to ‘Imagine’ what Self Expression is within their Minds, but to no avail.

Firstly, what has to be understood about Self Expression is that it is not something that can be thought-up nor imagined within and by the Mind / Consciousness, because Self Expression is something that EMERGE as self through one’s change in Living / Behaviour from a pre-programmed response-pattern to a self-directive living expression. Now – what does this mean?
The example I used was the relationship between nervousness and comfortability. I personally used to become REALLY nervous when doing interviews – not so much the beings coming through the Portal, lol they were REALLY comfortable. But me doing personal interviews for example, especially way back in the beginning when I did interviews on points / sharing my personal journey - I would be nervous in front of the camera and/or when doing voice recordings. So, nervousness is a pre-programmed response-pattern – where we’d REACT in an emotion, for example to something that comes up in the Mind such as a thought / imagination. Thus, with process: one move from a pre-programmed response / reaction to things in the Mind, to a response-ABILITY expression as self to things in REALITY. So, one either respond, as react, to the Mind, or one has the response-ability to direct oneself within reality. This means the following:

Nervousness is a reaction / response to a thought / imagination that comes up in the Mind. For example – speaking in public / doing interviews / writing blogs / communicating with others: in such instances one may have a thought that comes up of “what if I don’t speak well enough” / “what if I can’t effectively express what I mean” / “what if I am not understood” or you have Imaginations where you envision how others judge you / react to you and/or speak about you behind your back. So, when the thoughts and imaginations come up, one respond to them by reacting to them, with for example nervousness and/or fear. Now, let’s say one is walking process – writing, forgiveness and commitments etc. to assist and support oneself to change nervousness to self-comfortability when speaking / writing. We often think / believe that – to “change” one FIRST have to get past the nervousness and have it stop / cease to exist within oneself in such a particular instance and only THEN one can work on one’s comfortability. When, in fact – self-expression emerge WHILE one is walking through a point within the Mind, such as nervousness and the thoughts / imaginations connected to it. How does this work?
Those walking process already know that, to walk-through a point within the Mind – is to first release oneself from the pre-program response / reaction to re-establish a new response-ability / change within oneself and one’s life. So, one first walk writing and self forgiveness – writing the program (the ‘program’ being the automated response / reaction pattern consisting of thoughts and emotions for example) and forgiving oneself for accepting and allowing the program and its consequences within self and one’s living/behaviour. From where the commitment statements and the living/applying of the commitment statements is the process of CHANGING from nervousness to comfortability, for example and preparing oneself with how one is going to be walking it / doing it in real-time application. What does this mean?

Once the writing, forgiveness and commitment process is done – comes the actual practical change process, where one push oneself to change in the moment. For example, while one is doing an interview – the nervousness comes, but now one had prepared oneself in the commitment phase to be able to change the relationship to the nervousness reaction/response to the Mind, to a response-ability within reality as follows:
One in-the-moment the nervousness coming up – breathe, speak a self-forgiveness statement, let the emotion go and then start speaking / doing the vlog / continue writing. Now, within this process – the nervousness may still be there, but it will not change and one will not change in relationship to it unless one continue pushing through the nervousness and do the interview / vlog / writing despite the nervousness still ‘lingering’ / ‘being there’. So, essentially – one wants to PUSH THE CHANGE within oneself, STAND with the change and speak / write through the nervousness / emotion. One will find with doing this, that – initially, the nervousness may still linger in the beginning of the vlog / speaking / writing up unto the end / to the middle. The next time one do it, the nervousness will be less and then only extend to the middle of the interview – until eventually, there is only slight nervousness in the beginning of the interview / writing, but one is able to immediately move through it and speak with comfortability through the rest of the interview until finally one is simply immediately comfortable from the get-go and one’s self expression of comfortability is noticeable within one’s voice and body language.

In the next post, we will continue with how the self expression of comfortability will EMERGE as/while one is walking through nervousness in real-time until one finally transcend nervousness and become the living expression of comfortability – to in this understand how change happens simultaneously with walking a point in the mind and changing oneself within and as it.
Within this, we will also be having a look at how this then change the relationship from reacting / responding to the Mind, to response-ABILITY / self expression within/as/towards reality.

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