The Physical-Motion and E(energy/mind)-Motion of Process (Part 2): DAY 476

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The Physical-Motion and E(energy/mind)-Motion of Process (Part 2): DAY 476

We’ll continue more in the next post with how to practically assist and support oneself when missing point in one’s real-time application. Also, how – even though, when missing points, the points do become more intense / overwhelming: it is in fact a ‘gift in disguise’.

Firstly, we’re going to have a look at why and how it is that a point in the Mind will become more intense / overwhelming when one do not direct oneself in a moment in relation to a pattern / reaction (as we walked the illustration-example with the small-ball’s door that will close and will become bigger, so that the next time a same /similar hole appears – the reactions/thoughts will be more intense / overwhelming).

Now, with the huge ball rolling into the hole – how we want to walk process is: before the huge ball rolls into the hole, it can ‘see it coming’ and with already having preventative measures prepared – rolls around the hole and/or speeds up a bit to jump the hole and/or move through it more graciously than getting stuck in it.
Having a look at this within one’s process: as one see a conflict emerging between oneself and another, one already want to start applying prepared preventative measures, speaking forgiveness and commitment statements, stabilizing oneself within the body, keeping the mind quiet; so that one can direct the moment in reality instead of react towards it within one’s Mind. The same within one’s own Mind – when/as you see a point of conflict coming up in the Mind where one would usually follow the thought pattern and generate emotional / feeling reactions: one ‘see it coming’ and before the thoughts/reactions go out of control within oneself – one direct oneself with self forgiveness, commitment statements and self corrective living to instead change. (For the basics in terms of how to walk and apply self forgiveness, commitment statements and self corrective living in writing and living – we suggest investing in the Self Awareness Steps for the Elite Series where it’s explained in detail.)

When one miss a point in the Mind that activates when facing a challenge in reality / in relationship to another human being: one have the opportunity to ‘discharge’ the point in the Mind through changing oneself in relationship to it (walking forgiveness, commitments, corrective application) OR the point will ‘recharge’ itself when it returns back into the same position within the Mind, which means one’s position / relationship to the point in the Mind will not change.
What I mean with ‘discharge’ and ‘charge’ is the following: all points in the Mind (‘points’ being thought / reaction patterns and/or personalities) consist of ENERGY as its primary substance. The Mind Consciousness System and everything that it consists of / exists as – is substantiated with emotional / feeling / physical energy. So, when one face a thought / reaction pattern in the Mind (when in conflict with another, for example) one will, for example, have thoughts of blame and reactions of anger. Now, when/as one face oneself in the mind in such a way and CHANGE oneself in the moment – forgive the thoughts and reactions and instead remain stable and communicate with commonsense to solve the moment / relationship with the other: what happens with this moment of CHANGE is that one change one’s position / relationship to the thought / reaction pattern. In that change, instead of recharging the thoughts/reactions by participating in them / becoming possessed by them: one stand by oneself, one’s awareness and practical change in physical reality. Thus, the moment of  change ‘discharges’ the ENERGY that one would have given to the thought / reaction pattern in the mind, because instead of giving it / charging it with energy by one’s participation / possession – one stabilized into the physical body / physical reality.

One have to understand that thought and reaction patterns in the Mind is layered – every time in the past one participated in / became possessed by a thought / reaction pattern, one charged and layered it with more and more and more ENERGY. Therefore, practical change in moments – making a decision and living the commitment to change, every time one stabilize in the physical and not participate in the thought / reaction pattern: the thought / reaction pattern’s energy gets discharged over and over and over again. Until eventually – it has no more energy to exist as an ‘active program’ that influence oneself in moments and becomes but just a memory that does not have control / influence over who one is / how one is in moments. So, this is the point one face in moments – where one will either continue charging a thought / reaction or discharge the energy within and as it through applying / living change, until one start naturally living the change within oneself and one do not react / have thoughts about another when in conflict – but are naturally stable and able to direct the moment with commonsense solutions. Therefore, every time one ‘miss a moment of change’ – the thought/reaction pattern becomes ‘recharged’, adding an additional layer of energy / substance of energy and so why/how it feels more difficult to face / change the point in the mind when/as it activated again.

In the next post, we’ll continue with explaining what to do when/as a point is missed – to not go into judgment / blame / being hard oneself and continue explaining why/how such missed points are ‘gifts in disguise’.

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