From Responding / Reacting to the Mind – to Response-ability / Direction in Reality (Part 2): DAY 478

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From Responding / Reacting to the Mind – to Response-ability / Direction in Reality (Part 2): DAY 478

In the next post, we will continue with how the self expression of comfortability will EMERGE as/while one is walking through nervousness in real-time until one finally transcend nervousness and become the living expression of comfortability – to in this understand how change happens simultaneously with walking a point in the mind and changing oneself within and as it.
Within this, we will also be having a look at how this then change the relationship from reacting / responding to the Mind, to response-ABILITY / self expression within/as/towards reality.

This is why Self Expression is not something that one can think-up or imagine, it is not an idea – ideas, thinking and imagination are all constructs of the Mind Reality and Self Expression one can only access / become / live through actually moving and changing oneself in physical participation.

Have a look:
The initial equation in the relationship was writing/vlogging/speaking = reacting/responding as nervousness. The relationship in the MIND that was created was connecting writing/vlogging/speaking to an emotional reaction of nervousness. Now, this equation is ‘hardwired’ into one’s self-definition, where every time one is confronted with writing/vlogging/speaking – the immediate automatic response/reaction in the Mind is nervousness. To change this relationship would mean that the equation then exists as follows: writing/vlogging/speaking = practical response-ability, which simply means to write, to vlog and to speak and to within that, be comfortable with self in relationship to it. Essentially, all that should exist is self – sitting in front of the video-camera / laptop / audience and speaking / expressing self.
Look, one can for oneself decide what word would assist and support one the best in such instances – whether it be comfortability, or confidence, or stability; one can even assist and support oneself to live ALL the words in such instances. The main point here is how Living Words as Self Expression ensures that one’s relationship to reality remains physical, remains practical and so remains simple to what is here – nothing more / less. Meaning, if we go back to looking at the “writing/vlogging/speaking = reacting/responding as nervousness”-equation: it INTERFERES with your physical self expression, because the nervousness keeps your mind so busy, activating all sorts of thoughts and/or imaginations that your speaking / sharing through the physical body doesn’t flow naturally. One’s SELF expression doesn’t come through in the direct-relationship between self and the writing/vlogging/speaking – instead, one’s Mind Programming comes through, adding an additional ‘mental relationship’ to the simple physical relationship that should exist as self and the writing/vlogging/speaking; and instead changes it to writing/vlogging/speaking + reacting in nervousness + mind busyness. Then, in-between all the reacting and thoughts/imaginations coming up within self, self is trying to speak / write – which makes it very difficult. Whereas, if one become a Living Word that SUPPORTS self in the physical, such as comfortability for example – then that Comfortability becomes a platform, an support as one speak / write, that assist/support one’s speaking/writing to flow and so remain focused and keep the mind quiet within/throughout the process.

To expand the understanding of Living Words and Self Expression, is that: Living Words that become Self Expression – SUPPORTS SELF in the physical with and as the Response-Ability in one’s relationship to reality / the real world. The Mind’s Programming interferes with SELF and one’s relationship / living within and towards the Physical.
Again, having a look at the example above – the nervousness responding / reacting in the Mind, interferes with one writing/vlogging/speaking effectively. Whereas, assisting and supporting self to change the nervousness reaction/response in the MIND to comfortability self expression in the physical as the response-ability to writing/vlogging/speaking (where one has the ability to respond in/with comfortability when writing/vlogging/speaking) – SUPPORTS oneself to speak/write effectively, because SELF comes through directly and is not ‘veiled’ by all sorts of thoughts and reactions.

What is obvious here is how our mind-reaction relationships sabotage / compromise our potential within our direct-relationships to physical reality, doing physical things such as writing / speaking for example and how one is able to change this through changing self from reacting / responding to the Mind, to directing / implementing the ability to respond in one’s world/reality.
In the next post, we’ll continue explaining more on how to SIMULTANEOUSLY change the mind reactions/responses and implementing response-ability / direction in one’s real world/reality by living words through which one’s self expression will emerge.

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