The Beginning of Death: DAY 61

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The Beginning of Death: DAY 61

"Is it really? Hear Here:
To not Regret 2012 - Stop Waiting, Stop Hoping"
(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Adam and Eve – Part Ten

Who I Am as Money - continued

We’re in this post having a look at how exactly the nature and action of Blame within and as spite, excuse and justification manifested within and between the Adam/Male and Eve/Female singularities, and how – initially, when the Equal ‘Positive-Energy Experience’-interpretation started diminishing/lessening, from within and as their external awareness of themselves: they tried/attempted to move closer, and closer and closer together, condensing more and more and more – but, the closer and closer and closer they moved together, the more and more the equal ‘positive-energy experience’-interpretation in their external awareness of themselves diminished/lessened to eventually not existing, and then their positive-energy experience/neutral energy experience started diminishing in the Adam/Male and Eve/Female singularity into and as the negative-energy experience, where both simultaneously, equally moved away from each other, into the depths of existence, which again moved their awareness into and as the positive and neutral…but would also ‘remember’ that positive-energy experience interpretation that manifested with and as their merging/condensing together, which would lead them to again seek/search for an opportunity to merge/condense with another manifested-singularity…

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to in and as equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, in and from the beginning – remember, see, realise and understand how:
The moment the Adam/Male and Eve/Female singularities, externally became aware of their equal ‘positive-energy experience’-interpretation lessening/diminishing; they attempted/tried to move closer, and closer and closer together, but – what both the Adam/Male and Eve/Female singularities did not see, realise and understand is that:
With existing as a manifested-singularity themselves, encircled into a singular manifestation of and as Energy, from the negative, to the neutral and the positive; that in and as the manifested-singularity/bubble formation/structure – it becomes/exists as the ownership/domain of and as the energies that accumulated/are existent within and as them; that they will for the remainder of their existence – as energy in and as their manifested-singularity/bubble formation/structure, exist in separation from substance/existence as a whole and so in separation from other manifested-singularities/bubbles within and as existence.
In this bubble/manifested-singularity formation/structure as Energy – where, the extent/ ‘size’ of the manifested-singularities themselves was determined by/through the movement of substance in the beginning. Where, in the beginning – one can ‘visualize’ one large Bubble as representing the equality and oneness of and as substance-itself within existence. Where, as this manifested-existence of substance/here as itself, what started manifesting as it - was a ‘movement’, within, as and from itself within and as the starting-point of: “there must be more than HERE, there must be more than ME, as HERE”. But, instead of the substance/existence of HERE moving within that question/starting-point into and as the depths of itself in exploring, discovering, investigating its existence AS ITSELF HERE: the substance of and as existence manifested an externalized movement of and as itself. Externalized, meaning – it moved itself into and as the direction of forward-motion, motioning itself forward in the searching/seeking of this MORE of itself as HERE.

I forgive myself that I did not accept and allow myself, to in and as equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, from the beginning see/realise/understand; that within and as this movement as MOTION forward – that moved itself from and of and as HERE, with the movement of substance-itself in its search/experience of and as the ‘more’ of and as itself; and so within and as that ‘physical movement’ of substance-itself as existence-manifest, manifested friction/conflict to/towards the rest of its own existence within and as itself. 
Because, instead of realising/seeing/understanding the eternity of HERE within and as itself, it motioned/moved itself as the entirety of the Large Bubble/Substance/Existence forward – in and as that forward motion – of and as the entirety of and as itself, every single instance of friction/conflict that manifested within and as the entirety of itself – manifested into and as manifested-singularities as smaller bubble formations/structures, that would become the manifested-singularities that would exist equal-to and one-with the Large Bubble – in searching/seeking for the MORE of and as itself, that would be/become the positive-energy experience. So, now, one can visualize the Large Bubble – filling it with tiny little dots, as the instances of friction/conflict that the Large Bubble as Substance/Existence manifested within and towards itself, because it moved into and as the OPPOSITE, the ‘Negative’ of and as its HERE within and as existence/substance.

Thus, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to in and as equality and oneness with and as substance and energy, from the beginning – see, realise and understand why and how – from within and as the motion/movement forward, Substance/Existence manifested the negative friction/conflict to/towards and within itself – because it was motioning in its movement FORWARD, into and as the OPPOSITE of itself as here, and in that – manifesting its own opposition as friction/conflict as negative-energy experience into, unto and towards itself. And so, the innumerable amounts of manifested-singularities that came into existence: came into and as existence from and of friction/conflict as negative-energy experience. With the very essence/nature of energy-itself, because it was created within and as the starting-point of and as the search/seeking of and as the MORE – the Substance/Existence Large Bubble, within and as that starting-point of and as searching/seeking for the MORE of itself: equally as one created/manifested its creation as Energy within and as that starting-point, and so within and as Energy’s very existence - would always exist to search/seek the MORE of itself within and as and through the action of motion/movement of friction/conflict as we have walked in and as the existence of and as the manifested-singularities thus far.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to in and as equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, from and in the beginning – remember, see, realise and understand:
That every instance of friction/conflict that the Large Bubble as substance/existence manifested into and towards itself, that that instance – with the extent/velocity of the motion/movement forward, would determine the size of the structure/formation/manifestation of and as the manifested-singularities that would emerge from and of every instance of and as friction/conflict within and as and from the substance/existence as the Large Bubble. Because, within and as that moment of the instance of friction/conflict within and as substance’s movement/motion, substance-itself moved within and as a particular-specific velocity/force that would equally as one manifest the extent of vibration/frequency of and as the energy that would manifest. Thus, each manifested-singularities’ formation/structure as the smaller bubble ‘size’ – was determined/dependent on the friction/conflict instance velocity/extent of substance/existence’s motion/movement forward and would remain within and as that size of structure/formation as manifested-singularity for the remainder of their existence, enclosed into and as a bubble, where the very bubble/singularity-manifestation itself – expose the reach/extent of its influence as energy unto itself only within and as its manifested-singularity existence.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to – in and as equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, from and in the beginning, remember, see, realise and understand, how:
With the starting-point manifestation of each manifested-singularity existing as the velocity/extent of the movement/motion of substance, that would determine its size/manifestation/structure of and as each manifested-singularity within and according to the vibration/frequency that would manifest, equal-to and one-with the movement/motion of substance/existence: That each manifested-singularity became an separate bubble-manifestation, within itself – consisting of and existing as the negative, to the neutral and to the positive-energy experience; as energy-awareness: searching-for and seeking for its MORENESS as the positive-energy experience as the optimum evolutionary experience of and as Energy-itself. In this, because the manifested-singularities was ‘contained’ within and as their energy-existence, in and as their individualized/singular bubbles – searching/seeking for its own survival / moreness: the containment – the surrounding circular formation, consisted of and existed as the friction/conflict relationship of the bubble/manifested-singularity to/towards substance/existence. Thus, with every bubble/manifested-singularity outer-lining consisting of and existing as the friction/conflict relationship to/towards existence/substance; consuming substance from the external existence of substance; and so also from the internal containment/amount of substance.
Therefore, substance-itself separated itself INTO manifested-singularities, and also the EXTERNAL ‘space’ between the manifested-singularities. So that, for example - as the Adam/Male and Eve/Female singularities tried to move closer and closer to each other, their molecules into infinity – condensed within and as the one point/position/location within existence; started competing for ‘space’; the ‘space’ of and as substance between them/each-other to consume to transform into energy. And, because the ‘space’ lessened/diminished between them, where they did not have the ‘freedom/space’ to move within the depths of existence/substance, but was forcefully ‘stuck and condensed’ within and as that one space/point/position within existence: the more the molecules into infinity attempted/tried to move themselves within and as friction/conflict from and of their external lining/structure; the more and more they consumed the substance within their manifestations, and the substance within the space between them. Consuming to the point where – the substance in the space between them, and the substance within them, lessened/diminished; lessening and diminishing the substance between them and the substance within and as their molecules, to the point where no more substance remained within their molecules and within the space between them. And the moment no more substance remained in the space between them, and no more substance remained within their molecules - they connected in the without of themselves as energy, equally in and as the same moment, they became only energy within themselves. And the moment this happened, where both molecules only existed as energy, with no substance in their molecules and no substance in the space between them to continue consuming - the energies started inverting into itself – consuming itself to survive/exist, until eventually: it consumes itself/each other completely and cease to exist. The moment ‘energy cease to exist’ – the energy as the separation of and as substance/existence, the energy essentially ‘return’ to substance, to its source/origin.

We’ll in the next post continue with the moment of competition between the Adam/Male and Eve/Female singularities for the ‘space’ of substance between them, go into more detail regarding the molecules into infinity manifesting themselves into a point of consuming themselves as energy, and within this – why and how energy ‘return to substance’.

I commit myself to show – how and why, individual human beings pursuing relationships are simply in the pursuit of their own ‘positive-energy experience’ empowerment/fulfilment of Energy within and as their own Minds of and as Energy. That we are in no way pursuing relationships for the unconditional support/assistance of another individual human being as self, of getting to know them in equality and oneness, of harnessing relationships to in fact expand, grow and develop as an individual and together. But the starting-point of relationships within us existing as the Mind, is simply the pursuit of fulfilling/empowering our Minds with Energy – where the connection/relationships as it formed from the Beginning with the singularities, equally as one now exist between Human Beings; that connect/formrelationships for that ‘ultimate positive-energy experience’ that one have/manifest within and during Sex – as the ultimate/optimum point of positive-energy experience that the Mind of Energy can manifest for itself.

Within this – I commit myself to show, that – any and all relationships formed, towards anything/anyone within and as Experience of and as Energy as the Mind: is formed within the incentive of getting/having/possessing the ‘positive-energy experience’ fulfilment/empowerment of and as Energy for and as the Mind – and this goes for both the good/positive and bad/negative relationship connections. Because, even in the negative/bad-relationships – the Mind/Human Being exist in a sense of empowerment/fulfilment in validating the nature of and as the negative/bad relationships/connections, and so with the good/positive relationships/connections that give the Human Being/Mind the empowerment/fulfilment of energy as experience within themselves.
In this, I commit myself to show – that as Energy as the Mind, we use both the positive and the negative energy experiences within ourselves in our relationships/connections to/towards others within our world/reality, to empower/fulfil ourselves with Energy as the Mind, within ourselves. And that whether a relationship is positive or negative – within and behind that relationship-connection, exist the self-interest of energy to serve only its own experience/accumulation of energy.

I commit myself to show – how and why, throughout the history of the human race, with us accepting and allowing Energy-Authority to determine, influence and control our relationships/connections based on Energy – has caused the extent of the divide and separation within and between Humanity; that no two human beings can in fact exist in and as absolute equality and oneness, unconditionality, consideration and regard – because whenever placed within a situation – the individual will serve only their own self-interest/survival as Energy. Because if relationships were in fact a REAL, absolute commitment from the start – no excuse, justification, validation would exist to dismiss each other, it would be an absolute decision made from the beginning, taking all things into consideration, assessing compatibility and then make an informed, practical decision to stand and walk together. But, none of this exist within Energy – as Energy only wants its EXPERIENCE, and so the forming/connections of relationships manifest within the statement “Do/Experience now – Ask questions later”. Not seeing/realising/understanding that in approaching relationships from energy, with energy not in any way taking REALITY into consideration: when the energy in the Mind of the relationships diminish/lessen, the more and more the beings attempt/try to come closer, and closer together as Energy = the more and more the energy diminish/lessen until they’re faced with the reality of themselves as the mind in the physical; and then justify/validate/excuse dismissing each other; instead of realising that they were in an illusion of experience as energy from the beginning, and now that they faced the reality of themselves and each other without the positive-energy experience – the relationship ends, because the relationship was about ENERGY, and not who the beings really in fact are within themselves and together.

I commit myself to show, how and why the Relationship/Agreement Course of the Desteni-I-Process, is the process that will assist and support self, to firstly develop an equal and one relationship/agreement with self, to ensure that self do not approach a prospective partner/current partner in energy, creating an illusion of reality; existing in a relationship with self and/or another only for Energy. But that one align self, with self and/or one’s partner, individual or together, to walk self and together with taking into consideration the reality of self and each other. To walk an relationship/agreement not just for Energy, but to in fact align self and/or one’s partner/together – to establish a practical starting-point commitment - how to practically communicate, how to practically live together, how to practically establish a decision/commitment between each other/with self, to walk a process where self and/ one’s partner/together stand together for and as life, taking responsibility for self and another as self in and as actual equality and oneness, to prepare self alone and/or with one’s partner to eventually stand as living examples in taking responsibility for the world as self, for which we’re already preparing at Desteni as the Equal Money System for World-Responsibility, equality and oneness.

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