What the Masters of Energy do Not Know: DAY 76

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What the Masters of Energy do Not Know: DAY 76

Adam and Eve – continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In this post, we’re more specifically going to walk the relationship between ‘space and time’ and ‘quantum time’ regarding Energy’s relationship to Substance, and the Mind’s relationship to the Physical Body, more specifically how and why our relationship as Human Beings to Sex today now exist in equal and one quantification of Energy’s movement from Desire, to Attraction to Sex and Love/the Ultimate/Optimum energy-experience as it was existent in the Beginning within and between the Manifested-Singularities. In eventually how the manifested-singularities developed an awareness of being able to ‘remain together’, where the same manifested-singularities would merge-together, separate for a moment and re-merge. Within this, walking thus the process of human being’s relationship to sex within relationships, where partners merge/have sex – then spend some time apart to accumulate the energies/programmes/systems/superiorities within their Minds, and then within the moment/action of sex – accumulate all their energies into and as the orgasm/optimum positive-energy experience where the Minds transfer their accumulated/evolved systems/programs/superiorities; and once the moment of sex is complete - which manifest their Minds from the externalized positive-energy experience as orgasm, to the positive within themselves, to the neutral and to the negative; which most often manifest as a ‘physical tiredness’; from where the whole process starts again where the Mind prepares itself within and as its energy processes for the next sexual encounter.
(We will in posts to come in this Blog walk this process of the Mind’s relationship to Sex, however the detail of the evolution-process of the Mind within and as through Sex is walked within the ‘What is Sex’ Interview-Series, that cover much of these processes that won’t be walked within this Blog, as one can take the responsibility within oneself of listening to/investing in the Interviews and accordingly align oneself/one’s process within writing and self-forgiveness regarding one’s relationship to sex, walking from Mind/Energy Sex to actual Physical-Expression Sex.)

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, from the beginning to now, in equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, the mind and the physical – seen, realised and understood how:
As the manifested-singularities were in their processes of merging within and between each other; the awareness that developed within and as them, within the moment that two manifested-singularities would separate from and of that ‘equal and one’ merging of and as their energies: is that the moment they would separate and move forward and inward into the depths of existence/substance and the depths of their beingness/substance: their energies stabilized. Thus, with this awareness/realisation of and as their energies stabilizing the moment they separated from and of the merging process, the manifested singularities started developing ‘standing relationships’ within existence, where they would merge together and then separate - until their energies stabilize - and then merge again, and separate until their energies stabilize: and so would continue within and as this process of merging and separating within and between the same manifested-singularities. Within this merging accumulating their energies into and as the optimum/evolutionary positive-energy experience within the equal and one merging, until their energies reach the negative-energy experience awareness of fear/fear of loss that instigate/initiate their movement forward/inward into and as substance as they separate from each other to stabilize their energies in consuming substance to transform into energy with the movement inward and forward into their beingness/substance and existence/substance.
Equal-to and One-with human beings within and as the forming and establishing of relationships, where the Minds have been prepared within and as the accumulation/manifestation of its own energies within the two human beings, then the moment the two minds recognize the superiorities in each other to further evolve/expand/specify their own minds – the Minds initiate desire, attraction to Love/Sex; which will manifest the process of relationship, and sex within relationship. Where the two human beings will have Sex, within and during which the Superiorities of the Minds would transfer within and during the Orgasm (the orgasm being equal to and one with the ‘externalized positive-energy experience’ within and between the manifested-singularities in the beginning), from where the two human beings’ Minds once the orgasm is experienced/transfer of systems between the Minds complete: would go from the positive, to the neutral and to the negative within their Minds, to from there separate physically once the sex is consummated. So that in and during that ‘physical separation’ from sex, and the ‘time’ they’ll spend apart living their individual lives together, the human beings’ Minds then ‘activate/initiate’ the downloaded/uploaded programmes/systems that were transferred between the partners, and at the same time give the Minds the time/opportunity to develop/manifest more Superiority systems within itself. The Mind develop/manifest more systems within and during the two human beings spending time apart living their individual lives together, continuing with their thinking processes/mind processes as their functioning/existence within the mind, where - as the human continue participating in the mind/following the mind – the mind continue evolving/expanding/developing systems within itself. And when/as the Minds are yet again ready to transfer ‘newly developed systems’ within itself to each other: the Mind/Energy will activate within and as the human beings experiences of ‘horniness’ / the desire for Sex; which the Mind manifest in the Physical-Mind relationship of the Human to direct the human being into and as the sexual encounter to secure/ensure its survival as evolution within and as the transfer, downloading and uploading of systems into and as each other.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as substance and the energy, the physical and the mind, see, realise and understand – the proliferation of human beings’ relationship to sex within consequence within and as human civilization where the minority now withstand long-term relationships, and the majority move within and between partners and/or satisfy their Desire, Attraction and Love/Sex process alone with and as Masturbation; where even within long-term relationships today Masturbation remain a prominent relationship/lifestyle of the individual human being – whether alone/in relationship.
Where, within the beginning of human civilization this relationship to sex with multiple partners/masturbation had always played a prominent role within human society – it’s only now within the evolution of the World-System; where the relationship to sex/masturbation had manifested into a relationship of ‘secrecy’. Where nothing had in fact changed within the nature of the Mind’s relationship to Sex and the Desire for and of that ultimate energy-experience; as within the Secrecy of Human’s Minds in the assumed aloneness of the Mind: the Mind travels beyond space and time within its quantum time fantasies where human beings explore the experience of multiple partners/scenarios/sexual experiences within and as their own Minds and/or materialize it within and during Masturbation/even while having Sex with other human beings/their partners.
Where, on the ‘outside’ – a visual presentation of one-on-one relationship solidity is portrayed within and as the physical space-time external visible existence; but within the quantum time existence of the Mind’s secrets; the Mind directs/controls the human beings’ internal existence into and as various fantasies with various individuals/fantasies that most often than not, lead the individual to fulfil these fantasies/energy-experiences within the secrecy of their Mind/physical aloneness within and during Masturbation; or access such fantasies/energy experiences within and during Sex with their partners; or even to the extent of manifesting physically a secret additional ‘life’ with various others partners to fulfil the Desired energy-experiences of and as their existence of and as the Mind. Where the Mind had evolved to the extent where, it can manifest its upgrading/evolutionary processes of Superiorities through, within and as Masturbation (this process which is walked in detail within the Masturbation Series available on EQAFE regarding how the Mind evolve itself through, within and as Masturbation).
Thus, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how from the Beginning – this process of and as Sex/Love – equal to and one with the Merging/Positive-Energy experience equal and one manifestation of and as the manifested-singularities, had in no way ‘changed/evolved’; and thus we as human beings within our very nature, living and interaction/participation had in no way ‘changed/evolved’. Because we still, as we had in the beginning: only have regard/consideration for our own energy experiences within ourselves and between each other. Not seeing/realising/understanding the consequences manifesting within and towards the very origin/source of ourselves as substance and what those consequence would come to manifest the more energy evolve and substance/our beingness and existence become consumed/used/abused within and as the deliberate nature and action of ourselves as Blame within and as spite, excuse and justification in establishing Energy as Authority over and of Life/Substance. Where we USED our beingness/substance of existence, instead of existing/living WITH it in equality and oneness, and now we’re in a physical existence, where EXACTLY the same relationship exist towards our physical-bodies/our beingness/who we are and this physical existence over and of which we’ve as Energy/Consciousness/Mind established our Authority and existing in Blame within and as spite, excuse and justification to validate the consequences we experience in our beingness, physical body and this physical existence for us as Minds/Consciousness to continue having/possessing/owning our energy experiences.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand, in equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now - what has evolved Is the Mind/Energy within its relationship/existence in the beginning within and between the interrelationships/dynamics between Desire, Attraction and Love/Sex. Where Desire, Attraction and Love/Positive-energy experience accumulation/manifestation as well as the merging process that’s come to manifest as Sex has remained exactly the same, but within and as the evolution process of Energy, the individual would define these energy experiences of Desire, Attraction and Love/Sex in various degrees of experiences and various definitions of knowledge and information according to what would serve their own self-interest within their own Mind as how within and as these processes of Desire, Attraction and Love/Sex, they would reach/attain and maintain the optimum/evolutionary energy-experience. Thus, the evolution of Energy/Mind simply manifested within and as where the energy experiences of Desire, Attraction to Love/Sex would manifest within and as various frequencies/vibrations/movements and/or various definitions of knowledge and information.
And so, for example - the same processes within and between Desire, Attraction to Love/Sex would manifest multi-dimensional, for example – to/towards one’s own Fantasies within one’s Mind, to/towards one’s partner, to/towards various human beings, to/towards only Sex, to/towards only Masturbation, to/towards family and friends.
Thus, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to in equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, the mind and the physical from the beginning to now, seen, realised and understood how we’ve as the Mind ‘evolved’ the original existence of Desire, Attraction and Love into and as multi-dimensional forms/experiences – all leading to the exact same destination: The optimum energy experience. Within having a look at for example the interrelationships/dynamics of Desire, Attraction and Love within and between Family/Friends, as one of the ways that Energy evolved its original existence within and between Desire, Attraction and Love: where this process of Desire, Attraction and Love regarding the energy-experiences involved in friendship/familial relationships would simply manifest to a lesser extent/degree of vibration/frequency/experience in comparison to the experience of the exact same energies of Desire, Attraction and Love within and towards partners/relationships/sex. Where within familial/friendship relationships - the Mind would within desire for friendship/family relationships, and the attraction to/towards certain family-members and certain type of friends: manifest an particular-specific closer-experience/relationship as a diminished form of love to/towards the family-member/friends than what one would experience to/toward a relationship/sex partner. This because of how the Mind use familial/friendship relationships within and as its evolution/solidification/validation of and as its Personalities, where the Mind use such relationships with family and friends to build/construct and cement its Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind. Thus essentially using such relationships to maintain the beings’ definition of ‘who they are and how/what they live’ within themselves as their ‘who I am’ within and as the Mind, and so cements/certifies the existence/relationship the human being manifest within themselves within the acceptance and allowance of ‘who I am and will be’ and have become and so remain. And thus familial and friendship relationships ensure that human beings’ Minds remain stable within this acceptance and allowance, and so stable within and as the Superiorities and Inferiorities that develop/manifest within and as the process of ‘who I and will be and so become/remain’. And in this process of our relationships with family/friends maintaining our Minds’ / ‘who I am’ acceptances and allowances this solidifies the certainty for the Mind that the human being will enter into relationships with partners/sex in the future of their lives, to meet with individual human beings with Superiorities that is existent as their own Inferiorities for the Minds to so secure/ensure their survival/evolution within the transfer of systems/superiorities within and during Sex.
And so, family/friendship relationships had simply become fortress grounds where the mind ensure/secure the stability of its ‘who I am and will be and have become/remain’ acceptances and allowances of the Superiorities and Inferiorities. To so ensure/secure its future where the Mind can evolve its Superiorities within and between human beings, with all human beings Minds existent in the same familial/friendship relationships that cemented their ‘who I am and will be and have become/remain’ accepted and allowed existence in their relationships within and between the Superiorities and Inferiorities - and so all individuals/human beings are prepared from family/peers or those that had gone before them, to friends - for their future in relationships/the future of the survival / evolution of the Mind.
(Understand that, what we’re showing here regarding relationships with family and friends is how we develop/have developed our ‘who we are’ within the Mind. This does not in any way mean one must sever/stop any relationships with family and friends, as cutting oneself off from family and friends/separating self from them will not solve/is not a solution to who we are/have become in the Mind. No-one is responsible for who we are/have become – but ourselves. Thus, within this process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application within one’s relationship to family/friends – one’s process remain individual within oneself, where one still continue participating / walking the relationships existent within one’s world; but the responsibility comes within ‘who one is’ within one’s relationship to others/all human beings. And thus, initially one assist and support self with the tool of communication – to speak in breath, to assess the moment and consider the other in equality and oneness, and not participate/interact in relationships from reaction/energy/backchat. Thus, all one’s relationships in one’s world assist and support self in this process as mirrors/reflections of self to be able to assist and support self in the process of Living with the Physical and not through the Mind. We suggest for further support and assistance with how to assist and support self in realising/seeing/understanding how others are in fact direct mirrors of ourselves – to visit the Desteni-Forums, in learning how to establish effective relationships with self, friends and family.)

I commit myself to show, how from the Beginning to Now – the very existence, nature and action/living of ourselves as Energy that evolved into and as the Mind; had in no way changed within and as the origins of ourselves as Energy in our existence/relationship/possession to and as the ultimate/evolutionary energy-experience, that still exist as the Mind/Human Being today. With no consideration, regard, care or awareness of and as the consequences we manifest to our beingness/who we are, our physical-bodies and this physical-existence as a whole within and as our possession within and as Energy. Equally as one as we had no consideration, regard, care or awareness of and as the consequences we manifested to our beingness, manifestations and existence/substance as a whole in the beginning: where from the beginning to now we had/have one purpose/reason for existing - individually fulfilling that ultimate/evolutionary/optimum energy experience. Within this, to see/realise/understand thus, why and how we as individuals and together as humanity had not from the beginning of our existence – been able to stand together and work together in equality and oneness with ourselves, each other and this physical existence as a whole, in really seeing/realising/understanding the point of each part in fact being a part of ourselves. Because if we did exist as such – in actual, visible equality and oneness: this existence would not be the complete reverse of that as what we’re facing today. As we would have really considered, regarded and cared in absolute awareness for each part as we would’ve done unto ourselves in equality and oneness in gifting to each the absolute potential to living/life. But now, with serving ourselves only our own self-interest of and as the optimum/evolutionary energy experience: everything about ourselves as individuals, from the beginning to now had been programmed/manifested/aligned to only serve our own survival/evolution into and as the ultimate/optimum energy experience that each search-for/seek for with no equality and oneness existent, an absolute existence of separation and the consequences that had manifested as this very existence because of it.

I commit myself to show – how and why we as human beings have throughout our history, been obsessed and possessed with sex/sexuality, that our relationship to Sex had in no way changed – as Sex had become the evolution of energy’s merging processes in the beginning to get/have/obtain/attain that ultimate evolutionary/optimum energy-experience; which for the Mind still serves the exact same equal and one purpose. As Sex/that ultimate/optimum/evolutionary experience had come to possess human beings to such an extent, that our entire Minds have been developed/programmed/manifested to attain that One Thing, and One Thing only as the optimum/evolutionary self-interested possessive energy experience. Where, the processes of Desire, Attraction and Love/the ultimate/optimum energy-experience is still existing exactly the same, only now evolved into and as various vibrations/frequencies/experiences and knowledge and information definitions, where Human Beings’ Minds will attain/obtain that ultimate/optimum/evolutionary energy-experience within and as and through various ways/means and methods - within and as sex, relationships, money, consumerism, addictions, habits, spiritualities, movements, religions etc. When what all of such relationships we form to/towards our external world have in common is that: they only serve the purpose/reason for existence of the INDIVIDUAL within and as the fulfilment of and as the optimum/evolutionary energy-experience fulfilment within and as themselves. That there had been no LIVING ACTION of equality and oneness where human beings in fact stand-together and stand-up together in coming up with a GLOBAL equal and one SOLUTION for ALL in equality and oneness: as with the variations of the definitions and experiences of Desire, Attraction and Love/the optimum/evolutionary energy experience that possess human beings as Minds from and of the responsibility and solution/answer to ourselves and to all as EQUALITY AND ONENESS, as everything that had come to exist within existence today - Only serves Self-Interest and Energy-Experience, and in no way serves Life/All in and as Equality and Oneness.

I commit myself to show, how from the Beginning we had developed relationships – within the variations, degrees and definitions of relationships that exist today, within and as the starting-point energy-experiences of and as Desire, Attraction and Love/The ultimate/optimum energy experience; and within this – how and why any and all relationships we form to/towards anything/anyone, only serves the interest of our own Minds’ energy experiences. And simultaneously within this – I commit myself to show, how we have created/manifested our external existence/World-System and all the Systems within it, in our image and likeness where now internally and externally: our existence had come to serve only self-interest, at the cost/expense and consequence of Life/Substance/Physicality itself. And, unless we as individuals start opening our eyes in pulling off the veil of Energy/Mind/Consciousness and see what we have done and become and so align ourselves and our living to equality and oneness with substance/physicality – stopping separation and ignorance and existing in equality and oneness and awareness/responsibility, in stopping our possessions/obsessions with energy-experiences: nothing will change within this existence, but will simply continue and accumulate as consequence, as consequence had accumulated/manifested from the beginning to now in our accepted and allowed separation from/of Life/equality and oneness.
And so, I commit myself to show – how we as individuals had from the beginning directly manifested what is here today, so that all may see that no excuse/justification is valid for who we are and where we are as individuals; and so cannot claim innocence/unawareness for what we’ve done and become in this existence; especially those in this World with Money that has the money and access to even be able to read this Post/Blog: because the consequences have always been here, staring us directly in the face in what this physical existence has become. And we/those with Money have the most responsibility to stand up and stand together for a Global equal and one solution in this physical existence – as for us to have the money/life we have – half the world is starving/dying. And thus it is our responsibility to, with and as the Money we have within ourselves/lives – direct ourselves/our lives in committing ourselves to in this relationship we have with the World System and Money – direct it into and as an equal and one solution for All, to stand up for those that are currently in a position to not be able to, to in fact stand up for them and as them in equality and oneness as we have the ability and capacity to do so in every moment of Breath. That we cannot claim innocence/unawareness for the consequences manifested in this physical existence that stare us directly in the face – every day that we’ve for too long simply just deliberately ignored to fulfil our own possession of and as energy experience/desires. And in the face of the consequences of and as this physical existence being here directly, and no-one that has the ability/capacity to – especially those within the World-System of Money of standing up/standing together from the moment a part of self manifested into inequality – Not one of Us is / has been innocent, as we had never throughout time/our lives stood up for a Solution of and as equality and oneness. And so, none of us is innocent; because the consequences are still here and are still proliferating, not doing anything but ignoring it to fulfil our own desires/energy experiences. And thus, I commit myself to show the extent of responsibility we have unto ourselves and all of ourselves to sort out this existence of and as ourselves and so each one will see/realise/understand that we’re individually and together responsible for what is here and who/what we have become; to in this create a window of opportunity for us to finally stand up and change and be part of the process of birthing life from the physical

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