Love as The Secret to Attraction: DAY 71

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Love as The Secret to Attraction: DAY 71

 (To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Adam and Eve – continued

Who I Am as Money - continued

Now that we have looked at the point of the Religion of Self/Mind/Energy in how we’ve from the beginning to now existed in the acceptance and allowance of ‘who we are and will be’ and thus became as manifested-singularities and human beings/minds, in ‘blind faith’ of and as our energy experiences from the beginning to now, possessed in our separation to such an extent where we never question, investigated / introspected the consequence the existence of ourselves as religion of and as Energy/Energy Experiences manifested and so manifested ourselves within and without through CONSEQUENCE, instead of self-directive principled equal and one awareness. Which is why/how we can’t remember how/why it is that we got to where we are today within and as this physical existence, as we had never from the beginning been equal to and one with the cause as ourselves that manifested the consequences from/of the separation of ourselves in the relationship between energy and substance, the mind and the physical.
So, from this automated/auto-pilot existence of ourselves from the beginning to now, have a look at the consequences this existence of ourselves in and as acceptance and allowance/cause and effect had manifested within ourselves and each other regarding the existence and manifestation of superiority/inferiority and “attraction” that we had come to trust in “blind faith”-possession. Continuing now with walking the relationships within and between superiority, inferiority as the Mind and Reactions/Experiences within ourselves – with some practical/tangible examples regarding how this Superior-Inferior existence within ourselves, manifested the nature of attraction and/or resistance within ourselves towards others and so manifested the dimensions/experiences of ‘love and hate’ / ‘like and dislike’ etc. in how we feel / experience ourselves to/towards others, which all originated from/of this original manifestation, acceptance and allowance of and as the superior and inferior relationships/manifestations within ourselves as the Mind.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to in equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, the mind and the physical – from the beginning to now, remember, see, realise and understand how:
From the beginning – as the Eve/Female and Adam/Male singularities, attracted to/towards each-other’s Superiorities, with the Superiorities existent as that within themselves that they’ve manifested/prioritized into and as their primary beingness/manifested-singularity existence. And were thus attracted to each other’s Superiorities as that within and as their Inferiorities had not realised, seen and understood is in fact existent within and as themselves, but had not yet prioritized/patterned/manifested into and as their primary beingness/manifested-singularity existence. And so, when/as the manifested-singularities were in the process of merging – manifesting the externalized ‘positive-energy experience’-interpretation, both individually and together believed that they were experiencing the MORE of themselves within themselves TOGETHER. When – if only they had in and from the beginning, equalized themselves within themselves, through introspecting/investigating/questioning the nature/existence of attraction – this “Equality” would not have manifested into and as an externalized experience of separation, and this “Oneness” would not have been an externalized merging within and as their Aura/Presences, but a Oneness within and as themselves as Energy, being ‘One’ with themselves in the ‘Equality’ of and as their awareness’s as Energy in and as and from their Devil, Adam/Male and Eve/Female as well as God/Energy-Authority existences within and as themselves. And in that process, of equality and oneness with themselves as energy, being one step closer to the realisation of their oneness and equality with existence/substance as a whole. But so, to this day – Oneness and Equality had become limited to separation within and as externalized experiences, where two Human Beings would ‘merge/come together’ within and as Relationship, equally experiencing the ‘positive-energy experience’-interpretation of the MORE of themselves TOGETHER, and the Oneness externalized experience where, within this MORENESS they experience within themselves TOGETHER, only – manifest the interpretation/belief/experience of being ‘complete/fulfilled’, when it is not in fact REAL, but all simply based on ENERGY-EXPERIENCE – that does not ever last/sustain itself.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, from the beginning to now, in equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, the mind and the physical – remember, seen, realised and understood how:
Within and as Relationships within the context of Partners/Sex: ‘Love’ – as the energy-experience that manifest in the Minds of human beings, is still no different to and as the externalized ‘positive-energy experience’-interpretation manifestation that the two merged manifested-singularities experienced within and between each other. Where the externalized ‘positive-energy experience’-interpretation – which they both in fact experienced within themselves/their own manifested-singularities/beingness within and as that one location/position within existence, were their molecules into infinity condensed/merged ‘filling’ that one point/position within existence with an extensive amount of ripples/reverberations/resonances that manifested from existence into and as their beingness/manifested-singularities as a ‘positive-energy experience’-interpretation MORENESS; when it was simply, really the densification/condensing of themselves and their molecules into infinity. In this, as the ‘Love’-experience now manifest within and between human beings as Minds – this exact same equal and one principle applies where:
Two human beings’ Minds – manifested within and as their Self/Mind/Energy-Religion of ‘who I am and will be’ and so have become as manifested within their acceptances and allowances of the Inferiorities and Superiorities existent within themselves, would upon recognizing a Superiority in another, that is in fact existent as an Inferiority within themselves: manifest the relationship of Attraction. Where Attraction is thus that relationship towards another human being we form/manifest as an attraction not to them as ‘who they are’ as a being; but in fact an attraction towards OURSELVES as what has become existent as an Inferiority within ourselves that we had not yet developed/prioritized into and as a Superiority in making it a prominent part of our Ego/Mind existence/living in and as this Physical-Body. With taking, for example a point of confidence in communication – when/as Being A, within their Mind-Physical Living has Inferiorized confidence in the acceptance and allowance of ‘who I am and will be and have become’ as confidence in communication/interaction with others not existing within them, when the potential of it in fact does. The ‘potential of confidence existing’, means – it’s simply a process of investigating, questioning and introspecting why/how this acceptance and allowance of non-existence of confidence in communication/interaction with others is existent, removing the acceptance and allowance and aligning self/self’s living to assist and support self in being/becoming equal and one in communication/interaction with others in confidence.
And so – Being A meets Being B – with Being B resonating confidence within their Mind-Physical Living, which initiate the connection/relationship as experience of ‘Attraction’ to/towards Being B’s superiority of Confidence that is in Inferiority in Being A. Where the existence/nature of attraction manifest as Being A’s Mind becomes aware of a Superiority that it does not yet contain/have recognized within itself, that is in fact existent within itself as a Potential. But will, instead of Confidence being/becoming an equal and one living expression of ‘who self is’ in all contexts of relationships and living, will thus download and upload the specific ‘programme’ of confidence within communication/interaction with others, through and as Sex – as Being A’s Mind ‘draws’ them to/towards Being B, closer and closer and closer through rising the energies of ‘Attraction’ within Being A’s Mind until the energies overload into and as the merging of and as Sex. (This relationship between the Mind’s Evolution, the Physical and Sex is thoroughly walked within the What is Sex Interview Series available on EQAFE.) As what words, such as ‘confidence’ have become as the Mind in our Living in the Physical: Programmes of Energy that facilitate the evolution of the Mind, instead of words being practical living words assisting and supporting within and as the equality and oneness of who we are within ourselves and our living. And so – when/as the Mind exist in an Inferiority with a particular/specific context/definition as programme/system of a word, and recognize it as a Superiority in another Mind – will so initiate the process and manifestation of attraction, so that the energies accumulate into the attraction of merging to such an extent that the Physical-Merging of Sex manifest, so that within and during Sex, the transfers of the Superiority programmes from Being B can be downloaded and uploaded into Being A to manifest/become a Superiority program/system. And so Being A’s Mind will come to ‘possess/own’ an equal and one programme/system of ‘confidence in interaction/communication’ with others.  

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand what ‘Love’ in fact is, as from the beginning – it started within and as the manifestation of and as the externalized positive-energy experience interpretation within and between the two manifested-singularities as the ultimate energy-accumulation Evolution – initiated/manifested from/as the intensity of and as attraction within and between the two manifested-singularities in the beginning. Thus – the Energy-Experience of and as ‘Love’, within the context of Relationships/Partners/Sex and the intensity of and as the energy-experience of and as ‘Love’ is dependent on the intensity and nature of and as ‘Attraction’ as determined by/through the Mind within and as its existent Inferiorities and Superiorities. Where – if Being A’s Mind in its relationship to confidence was ‘non-existent’, as the being could in no way conceptualize themselves as being equally as confident within and as the communication/interaction with others, the Mind would intensify the attraction-experience within itself to such an extent, that the being physically and mentally become energetically possessed and so ‘drawn’ to/towards Being B. As the Mind ensures the connection manifest to/towards Being B to manifest into and as an sexual encounter to within that process, ensure that Being A’s Mind upgrade itself with and as the program/construct/system of Confidence. Even though mostly the programmes downloaded within and as the Mind / Being A’s Mind will not mean that they are suddenly/will suddenly become confident in interaction/communication with others, but will access this ability subtly when WITH Being B in participating in communication/interaction with others, where it will seem easier when WITH Being B to be confident in communication/interaction with others. Why/how it is that Being A would experience the confidence when with Being B, is – as Being A access their downloaded/uploaded confidence-program from Being B as manifested within/during the act of Sex – thinking/believing that it’s their relationship with Being B that ‘changed them’, when in fact it was the downloading and uploading of programmes/systems as words of and as Being B’s Mind within and during the act of Sex.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – the velocity/extent of the ‘experience’ of ‘Love’ is in fact the velocity/extent of the Mind’s need for Upgrade/Evolution of itself within itself in relation to particular programmes/systems that is existent within and as its Inferiorities/unawareness’s; and – as with the manifested-singularities from and in the beginning, interpreting the velocity of their attraction as a ‘merging / closer, and closer and closer coming-together’ – so do human beings interpret the velocity of and as attraction as a ‘merging / closer and closer and closer coming-together’, when all the while the pull / ‘drawn to each other’ experience, is the Mind manipulating the Human through, within and as the Physical-Body for it to possess/own programmes and systems for itself, that is transferred within and during Sex. And in and as this process / existence / manifestation of ‘attraction’ – we’re moving closer and closer and closer towards each other as Mind, and farther and farther and farther away into and as separation from ourselves within and as who we are here as beings in and as equality and oneness with and as the Physical-Body.

I commit myself to show how and why ‘Love’ is in fact self/mind/energy-Interest, where the ‘experience’ of ‘Love’ only serve the interest of the Individual experiencing it within and as their Own Minds, and in no way has visibly within this physical-existence, within and as the Nature/existence of human beings contributed in any way to any significant substantial eternal change in the condition/state of the Human Being and this World, but has only proven to serve the Internal Mind-Experience of the Individual accessing/experiencing it within and as their own Minds within and as the context/definition of knowledge and information their Minds had come to define ‘Love’ as an energy experience for themselves.
In this, I commit myself to show the direct connection within and between the ‘Love-Experience’ and the ‘Money-Experience’ within the nature and context of Attraction, where – as with ‘Love’, we’re attracted to Superiorities within another, that is Inferiorities within ourselves, as with ‘Money’, we’re attracted to the physical-superiorities of others, that is physical-inferiorities within our worlds/realities/environments, and so our experience with Money, becomes equal to and one with our experience with Love – attracted to that which we do not have/possess/own, and will thus form a relationship to/towards it within and as the principle and experience of attraction to get/have/possess it as Love and Money had become exploited within this World-System’s Consumerism to serve only the interest of the Individual.

In this, I commit myself to show how this same principle applies to everything/everyone we ‘experience’ an ‘attraction/connection’ towards, to religions, spiritualties, movements, products, people, fantasies, future-projections, whenever one experience any form of ‘connection/attraction’ that initiate a decision FOR self based on an EXPERIENCE: that something/someone represent a Superiority that is existent as an Inferiority within and as self and so will form a connection/merging/joining of the religion/spirituality/movement to in so doing align one’s Mind to/as the Superiority that the something/someone represent and in that merging/joining/aligning will create/manifest the Belief of self becoming ‘equal and one/whole’ within and as Self, when all the while this experience of completeness/moreness of and as self: is the Mind satisfied with an upgrade/addition of systems/programmes for its own Survival/Evolution.

I commit myself to, through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, assist and support me to identify to/towards who/what in my world I experience ‘attraction/connection’ that manifest the experience of ‘love/like’ – that something/someone that has more importance in my world/within me than even myself/anything/anyone else in this world/reality; and assist and support myself to identify what of them as the direct-mirror of and as me is it that I am in fact attracted to/towards that I haven’t yet accepted and allowed myself to develop within and as me in who I am in my living; and that attraction thus simply indicate/signify what of me I haven’t yet realised as me, is existent as potential within and as me to be/become within myself.
(If one require more specific information regarding the practicality of how to walk this point in identifying ‘attraction superiorities’ within others – please visit the Desteni-Forums, where one can ask questions within the context of the nature of attraction one experience and will be assisted and supported practically with how to identify what it is within others, that self had not yet accepted/realised as self, in equality and oneness and from this, how to practically assist and support self in one’s process of self equality and oneness.)

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