Relationships: When Fantasy meets the Real World - DAY 486

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Relationships: When Fantasy meets the Real World - DAY 486
The Moment of Shock

Shock, Trauma and Stress (Part Seven)

In the next post and posts to come – we will continue with the Self Forgiveness Process, focusing on that initial real purpose for/of relationship, what Negative things were covered up / suppressed by the Positive things experienced / that was dependent on the relationship and how this creates MENTAL-RELATIONSHIPS, and what would REAL PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIPS be if/6as our starting point for relationships was not based on emotional/feeling energy, but two individuals walking / living as EQUALS.

This is the cycle we get caught up in, ‘looking for love’ – love encompassing all the positive feelings filled into one bowl within our Minds, where all the positive feelings we’re looking for / searching for from another / in a relationship / sex unites in our Minds / Bodies for a moment to be able to drive / motivate ourselves to just not have to look at ourselves, our problems / issues…our own Minds and what really goes on in there. So, ‘love’ – the search for it / yearning for it and how it preoccupies / possesses our minds, in fact functions as a distraction…a distraction from ourselves, our own minds / who we are.

In this post, we’re going to walk a Self Forgiveness process that will illustrate how the positive feelings/energies of our Consciousness suppress the negative emotions / issues / problems in ourselves and how we within this have come to use relationships as ‘cover ups’. Instead of using relationships to ‘open up’ to ourselves and each other – laying out the problems / issues, discuss them and find solutions for oneself and the other. In so doing, supporting each other to work through the ‘real self’ and expand/develop/grow within the relationship by enhancing the strengths and strengthening the weaknesses in oneself, the other and the relationship - instead of devolving within the relationship where it becomes very superficial – purely based on playing mental games with feelings / pleasing each other and so relationships don’t reach any real depth / intimacy or an foundation of trust that will stand the test of time and challenges within this lifetime.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how relationships have gone into ‘reverse’ within human civilization – even to the point of questioning whether “relationships” have ever in fact existed…or only the idea thereof in people’s Minds. “Reverse” because, instead of relationships being foundations, strong foundations that are built between individuals in the relationship/partnership over time with patience and perseverance – most of the time is spent on pleasing / ‘pushing buttons’ to activate positive feelings and simulate the imaginations/fantasies. Where this idea exist that ‘if you can Imagine it / Fantasize it – it will come to pass in Reality’, when the Fantasy of relationship can be sustained for a while – but eventually falls the more the individuals spend time in the ‘real world’, facing ‘real challenges’ – most of which were not entertained in the Fantasies of the relationship in the Mind. And so why and how – most Relationships fall, even before it has started, the “Reverse effect” coming into manifestation; because instead of it being a process of building / accumulation, it becomes a process of slow decline to the eventual dissimilation of the Relationship.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how an Idea of relationships that the Fantasies of the Mind/Consciousness produce – has swooped across Humanity, every one / most that have opportunities for relationships attempting to manifest / materialize Fantasies into physical reality; and despite over and over and over again proving that a Relationship in the ‘real world’ is not a Fantasy, but an actual process to walk, an experience that must be created, a creation that must be built with both putting in equal amount of time and effort – despite this: every one still attempts to ‘fight against’ the ‘real world of relationships’ to manifest / materialize their Fantasies of Relationships.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how we then will move from one relationship to the other – when the Fantasies in the Mind do not match the Reality of the Real World, in so doing – blaming self, the other / the relationship as being the problem. Never questioning, introspecting / investigating this ‘living in two worlds’ dilemma that is in fact at the heart of the problem, with one foot standing in the Fantasy of the Mind and the other in the Reality of the Physical – trying to have ‘best of both worlds’. Not seeing, realising and understanding how the Fantasies of the Mind / Consciousness cannot align with the Reality of the Real World, because the Mind / Consciousness is not IN this real world, but in a ‘world of its own’. This is evidenced by the fact that we try and ‘get / have / own relationships’ based on how we Fantasized them to be, never considering the real time, real world challenges and problems of everyday life, relationships that are walked in the real world. So, every time / most of the time a challenge comes your way, individually / in relation to the relationship – it is blamed for interfering with the Fantasy of the relationship, and so most relationships goes into reactions of blame / anger and so fighting / conflict and/or giving up entirely; instead of looking at problems / challenges and having the patience and perseverance to work through them until a solution is found that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how so many come together, each holding their Idea of relationship as programmed by their Fantasies – and so it becomes a ‘clash of two worlds’ for each one and the relationship as well, because: individually – they have one foot in the Fantasy and the other in the Real World and so they are clashing with the Real World trying to materialize / manifest their Fantasies on an individual level. Then their Fantasies are also clashing on a relationship-level in relation to how details differ of what they want for themselves and each other. So, again – we return to the statement “if you know the beginning, you know the end”; as the relationship is thwarted with conflict from the start in the clash / friction between the Fantasy and Real World and then each other’s Fantasies which eventually leads to the initial conflict rising where it manifests / materialize the fall of the relationship. Each then turning around to the next relationship opportunity – only to create the same process / experience again, because “Creation” is not understood: what you create is a reflection of who you are – so, if we don’t change, the relationship experience cannot change.

We will continue in the next post with having a look at this point regarding IDEAS of relationships created from Fantasies, how this point is not yet grasped within Human Consciousness and how this leads to the momentary rise and eventual fall of relationships with not having both feet firmly rooted within this real world and so building / creating relationships that are in fact longstanding – standing the test of challenges and time.

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