How we use Relationships to Suppress the ‘Real Self’ (Part Two): DAY 485

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How we use Relationships to Suppress the ‘Real Self’ (Part Two): DAY 485
The Moment of Shock


Shock, Trauma and Stress (Part Seven)

In the next post and posts to come – we will continue with the Self Forgiveness Process, focusing on that initial real purpose for/of relationship, what Negative things were covered up / suppressed by the Positive things experienced / that was dependent on the relationship and how this creates MENTAL-RELATIONSHIPS, and what would REAL PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIPS be if/as our starting point for relationships was not based on emotional/feeling energy, but two individuals walking / living as EQUALS.

To reference a section from the previous post:

This is why we have a TOTAL mental and physical break-down that happens; because the ‘positive energy injections’ that for so long suppressed our real, true self experience is no more there and we are once more confronted and left with our ‘real selves’ that is almost ‘too much to take / handle’.

The process that we’re going to be walking now is an example-process of how you can practically assist and support yourself to identify what problems / issues you’re suppressing within yourself / your mind through using relationships and the positive feelings that accompanies it. Essentially identifying the ‘real self’, with the ‘real self’ being the ‘truth’ of yourself that you are suppressing / denying / ignoring by/through distracting yourself / your Mind with relationships / sex and the positive feelings that it produce. To be clear: I am not saying that it’s relationships that are the problem, nor am I saying that it is sex that is the problem - No, not at all. Relationships cannot exist without our participation. Sex cannot exist without our participation. So, relationships and sex is what it is based on what we make it to / create it to be. This is a fundamental point that many seem to miss as we have a knack for wanting to blame ‘the other’ / ‘the relationship’ / ‘the sex’ / ‘the money’ or something / someone else for what relationships / sex become – never actually stopping for a moment to ask: “But, who am I in relation to sex / relationships? What is my responsibility within what I participate in and create?” So, before we start the process of seeing / realising / understanding for self how we use / abuse relationships / sex to abdicate responsibility for who we are / our own minds and so how/what we live – let us have a look at the question: “Who am I in relation to sex / relationships? What is my responsibility within what I participate in and create?”

We have to question whether relationships and sex exist as it does in humanity today – where longstanding / worthwhile relationships of integrity, consideration, regard, respect, trust, intimacy etc. are far and few between, because the one lesson of who we are in regards to sex and relationships: has not yet been learned. So, relationships and sex has become somewhat demonic – but then again, we have to ask ourselves: is it that sex and relationships in-itself is ‘demonic’? No, it cannot be – because it is our very nature / who we are that creates relationships and sex. So, relationships and sex should be an extension and so a reflection of ourselves – our own creation. For many who have walked a process when it comes to relationships and sex can for a moment look at the past and the present and for yourself come to terms with the fact that what you see of what has become of you, the other, the relationship, the sex – is/has been your creation. Granted, it takes ‘two (or more) to tango’ – but we often in relationships blame and abdicate responsibility in some way or another, and do not reflect / introspect on why / how and what part you played in the relationship being / ending up the way it did. We simply move on the next…and the next…and the next ad nauseam.

This is the cycle we get caught up in, ‘looking for love’ – love encompassing all the positive feelings filled into one bowl within our Minds, where all the positive feelings we’re looking for / searching for from another / in a relationship / sex unites in our Minds / Bodies for a moment to be able to drive / motivate ourselves to just not have to look at ourselves, our problems / issues…our own Minds and what really goes on in there. So, ‘love’ – the search for it / yearning for it and how it preoccupies / possesses our minds, in fact functions as a distraction…a distraction from ourselves, our own minds / who we are. Obvious commonsense is: if you’re obsessed, in your mind, with ‘someone / something else’ ALL of the time (or most of the time) – together with the positive feelings that accompanies such obsession…then there is in fact no ‘space and time’ in one’s Mind to do real self-reflection / introspection as your mind is occupied with another (or many) all of the time. Many might in this moment have a look at this and go: “But, what would exist if I don’t think about love /relationships / sex all of the time?” – and here, we’ll get to explaining what it means to get to know the ‘real self’, what it means to for a moment in your life let go of the possession / obsession when it comes to sex / relationships and what it would mean to develop an agreement with another human being that is not based on you wanting to distract yourself from your own mind / problems / issues; but an agreement that would lead to the creation of relationships / sex on an EQUAL and ONE level – really CREATING a relationship, and not just FALLING into relationships / sex based on feeling energy that is driving / motivating you.

We’ll continue more in the next post.

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