Why do we only Deal with Problems when it’s Too Late?: DAY 496

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Why do we only Deal with Problems when it’s Too Late?: DAY 496
Planet – Plan-it – Plant (Part Three)

So, we’ll in the next post continue with having a look at the dimension of acceptance, automation and abdication of responsibility when ‘things go wrong’ in our mind-body relationship and our relationship to the world out there – especially why and how it is that we as a collective do not stand together / have evolved to a point where we can adjust our relationships and the systems in the world to unite to PREVENT what’s happening and find sustainable long-term solutions – but rather have gone into this acceptance of ‘things are generally wrong / bad’. We’re going to have a look at how this is one dimension separating us from our rootedness and responsibility to ourselves, each other and the world as a whole – uniting to develop this ecosystem of life on earth to the betterment of all and so ourselves.

If we have a look at our 3 primary realities: the Mind / Consciousness, the Physical Body and our Social Environment / the World System – there is a level of acceptance, automation and abdication of responsibility that exists within all three. In this post, we’re going to explore these 3 dimensions existent within the 3 realities, causing us to not be rooted in our being, body and physical existence within the principle of equality and oneness as what’s best for all; where we as beings, as bodies are not contributing to the ecosystem of the living organism(s) that is here – creating life instead of destroying it.

The Mind / Consciousness in relation to acceptance, automation and abdication of responsibility:

We have come to ‘accept’ that we think, we react, we imagine and talk to ourselves in our Minds. “This is what it means to be human” we say, “This is how we know we exist” we say – but we’ll only ever question our thoughts and emotions when they lead to something ‘bad’ / ‘consequential’. Even then, we don’t necessarily look at the very existence of thoughts / emotions – but categorize it into a box as a ‘problem of human nature’ and then try and ‘live with it’ (psychology / psychiatry) or find methods / drugs to contain it / suppress it in some way or another (the medical / drug industries). From what we have observed with the human mind, most people in this world have evolved to ‘handle’ their thoughts and emotions better, others cannot and so similar thoughts / emotions would be acted out where the nature of the human mind becomes ‘visible’ in the physical and then becomes a ‘problem’ when they become a threat to themselves and others.

For example, most people have ‘violent thoughts’ – where in a flash of a moment they envision themselves hitting someone when they get angry at them, but it stays in the realms of the Mind. Others, they have ‘violent thoughts’ and act on them – the only difference between people is some can contain their Minds within, others cannot. It’s only when the Mind becomes VISIBLE that it now ‘becomes a problem’…when this should not be so. Just because some manages to keep it in – doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist, it’s just that the problem cannot be seen, but the problem remains: who are we in our relationship to the Mind?
So, we have for a long time in human history only been dealing with the mind or trying to control it, once it spills over into living action. Again, we do the same with ourselves in our own lives – we don’t pay attention to our thoughts and emotions as long as they remain secret / hidden, but the moment they do become visible – it is often too late to really change oneself, one’s relationship to the Mind once it possess you and you embody it in your living action. For example, when looking at depression or having a ‘short temper’ – with the research we have done in our relationship to the thoughts and emotions, these / such conditions develop over TIME due to an accumulation and suppression of thoughts and emotions that eventually build in the mind and body, escalating over time to a point where depressive / anger-related thoughts and emotions eventually takes you over, leading to a mental and physical state / conditioning of a constant experience of depression / having a ‘short temper’.

So, the point here to become aware of is how we ‘Accept’ the Mind – the thoughts and emotions and everything else going on within us, because we’re never taking a moment to step back and really look at / investigate to UNDERSTAND the effects of our thoughts and emotions on our behaviour / self-experience. Very seldom do you really ever reflect on thoughts and emotions, because it’s just become an ‘accepted’ part of self – when all the while it is the very ‘accepted’ thoughts and emotions contributing to who you are, the decisions you make, how you behave, your state of mind, your general self-experience, the nature of your relationships in life, how you experience sex, why your life has been the way it is, why you are who / how you are today – I mean, everything and all that you are, do, say, experience- stems from thoughts and emotions when looking at your relationship to the Mind as a whole.

So, one of the main points when it comes to this dimension of ‘Acceptance’ is existent within the following questions:
Why have we come to ‘Accept’ that conflict between two people has to be thwarted with reactive thoughts, projections and emotions? Why is there not inherent in human nature the stability and commonsense to talk things through as equals and bring disagreements to a solution that’s best for both?

With having a look at the above point, many may answer “because that’s who we are and what we do”, when all the while it’s this very ‘Acceptance dimension’ that’s in fact speaking, because we have the potential to change ourselves, but we’ve been ‘arguing for our own limitations’ because we’ve accepted and so believed that these / such limitations exist that human nature cannot be changed. When, with the processes we’ve walked with Desteni – there are many individuals who have proven in their living application that this can change, the you and another can come together and talk things through as equals into a SOLUTION, with no reactive thoughts, projections and emotions needed…
Here is but ONE example, in the documents to continue I will bring through more examples of things of human nature as the Mind/Consciousness we have just come to ‘accept’ as long as it ‘stays inside the Mind’ and how this essentially brings to question whether we as people ever really properly investigated, researched and understood human consciousness – because as far as I can see, we have only ever tried to control it / contain it when it becomes ‘visible’…as long as it ‘stays out of sight’ in the physical world, we just ‘accept’ it…

We’ll continue more in the next post

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